Wilbur Estes 2006 05 WE New Beginning W6 Guest Book Response. Posted 2020 08 17.

I have just finished reading the “Guest Book”, and found it interesting. I am pleased to read Terry Rainwater’s and Barb Norton’s positive comments.

I am sorry that Barb had a problem with one of my recommendations (“one backfired on me, and I was called a bad sport”).

Although she did not say which “Play” created the problem, I believe I know. I think that it pertained to “Lagging”. That has been the most controversial item in “Modular Shuffleboard”.

I am sorry that she was deemed “a bad sport”, but, when the “play” “works”, some players would consider the “Shooter” “a bad sport”; if it did not, there would have been no condemnation.

Even players with a placid disposition will resent being “Suckered”, are angry at themselves for allowing it to happen, and will respond with some unflattering comment.

“Bad sport” is much “nicer” than what I, personally, have been labeled (and I am a pretty nice guy. HA! Ha!)

I too, hope to meet Barb sometime, to discuss shuffleboard in general, and to discuss the “Play” that  generated the unsavory label, specifically.

Wilbur, “The Guy That Wrote The Book” 2006-5-22

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