Winning Tips by Earl Ball. When to shoot a 10!! Posted 2020 08 20


When your opponents are 68 and you are at the head with 55, 56, 57, or 58, you have to try to position yourself to shot a 10 if you can’t get two blocks.  At 55 or 56 you need 10 from both ends. At 57 or 58 you need to shot the 10 from the head because the opponent will block the 10 from the foot.  Go out on the board with your 3rd shot and your opponent will take you off leaving the 10 open (at 57 you need to be on the 8).  If the opponent stays on the board, take your free kitchen shot and if you don’t make it then your partner will have to find a way to win; but otherwise you must shoot a 10.  Don’t worry that you might miss it because if you don’t take it, you will lose.  If your at the foot and have 65 or 66 and the opponent has 68 you have to find a way to get two blocks or shoot a 10.  If you get a shot at the 10 you must take it; just do it!

Playing 7’s is similar.  You’d be shocked how many players don’t know when they should shoot a 7; they try for a high 10 or 8 and go too deep or don’t get on the board and the opponent gets the extra point they need.  If the opponent is 53, 60 or 67 you really need to play 7’s with them to keep them from getting into position to win—think about it!

Do you know when to take your double; it’s always a hard decision.  But you are best off taking it right away if you haven’t played that part of the court before so if you miss it you’ll have another chance.  If it’s located where you know you know the drift, then wait for your hammer and make two blocks, of course you know you shouldn’t take “ifee” doubles with your hammer unless you “really really” need the extra score because you may get nothing!

Earl Ball 2006 08 07. 

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