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Pic above left is The Shuffler’s Induction into the CD FSA Hall of Fame.  Pic above right is of The Shuffler’s Induction into the ISA Hall of Fame in Australia in 2008.     The “guy who makes it all possible”, Alf Primeau, was unable to be present at either.  From left to right: Wilbur Estes, deceased; Earl Ball, alive and well; Stan McCormack; and Larry Brown, one half of The Brown Report!! 

Larry Brown Speaks: “One of the highlights of the day happened before the disks started flying.  ISA Presidents Gus Bondi and Earl Ball honored two members of the Central District who one might say have become world famous.  They are Alf Primeau and Stan McCormack of The Shuffler.  At the ISA World Team Championship held this past September in Australia’s Gold Coast, The Shuffler was inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame.  Stan & Lois McCormack, who captained the Canadian teams, accepted the ISA plaque at the banquet in Australia.

Alf Primeau, who is the founder and web master and as Stan has often said, “The brains behind The Shuffler”, received his very attractive HOF Pin and plaque today in front of his Central District friends.  As anyone who has ever played the game knows, The Shuffler has had, and continues to have a significant impact on the sport worldwide. The Shuffler is open for anyone to express his opinion; offer a suggestion; or just gather information.  (Also see page 2 below) 

What a wonderful tool Stan & Alf have provided shufflers all over the world.   The honor of the ISA Hall of Fame is well deserved. This is the second Hall of Fame honor for The Shuffler as the web site was inducted into the Central District Hall of Fame in 2007. Congratulations Stan & Alf. Larry & Ruth Brown.

SHUFFLERS NOTE: Thanks for that Larry and Ruth; thanks for that ISA Presidents and Board; thanks for that all shufflers everywhere.  Your support is appreciated.  Stan and Alf.

THE SHUFFLER is a team of writers, a team that spends a good deal of their personal time promoting shuffleboard.  Team Members include Wilbur Estes, now deceased; Earl Ball contributing on a regular basis; Sandi Quinn who reports on activities from Hendersonville, NC and TX; Jim Hundley who forwards summer results from OH; Chuck Moulton of Zephyrhills who regularly submits results; Barb Norton from FL’s West Coast; Gary Pipher President of the most successful Coldwater, ON; Max Tate, Past President, CNSA & FL’s Central District; and of late, Larry & Ruth Brown, Past President and Secretary of the Central District of FL have made significant contributions as has Glenna Earle.   From time to time we receive individual reports from other shufflers.  We look forward to all such reports and will publish these where possible.  And finally, a special thanks to our sponsors: Dom Sports of Ontario; M&S of Arizona; and Allen R. Shuffleboard Co. of Florida. 

Alf gets red jacket.jpgFor the record, our first report was made from Clearwater, FL on the occasion of the International Tournament in November of 2002.  STAN AND ALF OF THE SHUFFLER  2008-12-04. 

Stan and Alf on 2010-02-25; Larry and Ruthie!!  Your continuing support over the past several years is very much appreciated!!!  Stan and Alf.  

Alf is the “good lookin guy” in the blue shirt > about to model the very attractive CD HOF Jackets!!  We both wear them proudly!! 

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