Followup-To Wilbur’s Bad Sport Article by Glen Peltier. Posted 2020 08 26.

I just read Wilbur Estes article on poor sportsmanship.  I have watched Wilbur use that tactic and I do have mixed emotions about it but I am certain Wilbur did not consider it to be poor sportsman because I know Wilbur to have been a very good sport. It just so happened that I was right next to him when his opponent and he had that problem with the rain delay. I watched it play out for about 30 minutes.  About ten drops of rain fell and his opponent stopped playing. He refused to play, and Wilbur was upset.  I could not believe his opponent stopped playing when the few drops of rain dried up as soon as they fell. I had always known Wilbur to be a good sport.  We have mentioned Wilbur through this article and because I am certain of what happened I will disclose who his opponent was.  It was Maurice Baker. They were both friends of mine as well as the tournament director.  Sometimes people step out of character. 

Glen Peltier. 2020 08 25.  

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2 Responses to Followup-To Wilbur’s Bad Sport Article by Glen Peltier. Posted 2020 08 26.

  1. Jerry Stannard Pres. says:

    The question is, who was the director who erred?


  2. Glen Peltier says:

    The director did not errer. He asked Wilbur if it had rained. Even though it only rained a few drops Wilbur being honest as he was said yes. The tournament director had to rule in his opponents favor. Wilbur had a disc well hide. He told his opponent that he would remember that forever. It says in the rules if it rains the disc must be picked up and the round played over. Nothing in the rules says what if it was only ten drops.


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