Feature Individual Series Cont’d. Tonight we give you AL WEEKS.

To maintain diversity, I am now going to begin to post articles from my archives. To help me keep a record of these random postings, I will post in alphabetical order.  >> I will use first names where possible.

The second name in “My Documents” is Al Weeks.  We will post an article about Al tonight. Although Al, and several others, have submitted many articles, I will post only one or two articles per Individual.   I will limit to ONE PERSON PER DAY.  Stan McCormack. 2020 08 27

Al and Marie Weeks

I thought as we are rapidly approaching our 4th IP, hosted by Goderich, and as Al is the President of the Goderich Club, I would share with you just a bit of Al’s Shuffleboard history!!  Al was inducted into the CNSA HOF in 2006 at Blackstock, ON, in large part because of his contribution as CNSA President.  At that time, I asked Al to submit a letter telling us about yourself.  In his reply, he mentioned his predisposition to play KITCHEN!! It was more than a predisposition; it became his trademark, a trademark well earned; it was synonymous with Al ~~ AND many of his opponents regretted their decision to compete in his “game of kitchen”!! Al identified the ISA Event at Goderich of 1998 as “one of the most successful ISA events ever” ~~ he is not alone in this assessment; I recall Roy Norman, then CNSA President, and also Kosai, President of Japan, both extolling the enjoyment, the successes, of the Goderich Event.  Both Roy and Kosai extended accolades to Al and his team. In Al’s final paragraphs he expresses “his love for shuffleboard”.I will give you a quote by Al with regard to the 1998 Event: “One of the highlights was our “farm party”, where we had dancing to live music on a gravel driveway, three barrels of free beer, hotdogs, corn on the cob, and a huge bonfire that thrilled the Japanese.”  SOUNDS GOOD TO ME FOLKS!! 

I suggest you go here to read about Al’s promotional spirit and willingness: https://theshuffler.net/2015/08/05/promoting-the-sport-we-love-involve-the-local-press/

Posted by Stan on 2020 08 27


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