Tim Baker Promotes The Sport We Love!! Sent along by Earl Ball. Posted 2020 08 27.


Many of you know, Tim Baker built two courts on his farm south of Indianapolis and I’m sure he wishes he had built at least a couple of more!

Tim’s not only caught the shuffleboard fever but is big time into promoting the game. In the winter he plays all over the State of Florida with his home base being the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club. In the summer he plays the Ohio circuit and even in the State of Michigan; did I mention he lives south of Indianapolis and is a full-time farmer and I mean a big-time farmer, which takes a lot of time. He reminds me of another big-time farmer, Henry Strong, we’ve all read the stories about how he went home one summer and built a court so he could improve. He not only improved; he is now a top 10 all-time Champion, so we all know what can happen; maybe we will see it again. He is preparing now to head for Hendersonville to play the Eastern National Championships with regular partner, Dave Stoops. This will be his first trip to Hendersonville but if you’ve been there you know it won’t be his last.

Back to the story!

Tim got 16 players together for a singles tournament and you should never underestimate what a shuffler will do to get on the courts.  The closest player came from 4 miles away but the next closest came 1 ½ hours. Mike Miller brought his snap together court, traveling 3 ½ hours but 5 players traveled 4 hours and one came five hours to play a one-day tournament. Bill Badgley brought his roll out court giving them four courts to play on. At the end of the day Silvia Smith, a fine Ohio and Arizona player claimed the Championship.

2nd Cindy Slaughterbeck

3rd Jim Wellman

4th Elston Sayers


1st Steve Hathaway

2nd Mike Miller

3rd Ron Beacher

4th Bill Badgley

Everyone did their best to follow CDC guidelines wearing masks and observing social distancing as best they could.

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5 Responses to Tim Baker Promotes The Sport We Love!! Sent along by Earl Ball. Posted 2020 08 27.

  1. Sylvia J Smith says:

    Thanks Earl Ball for the article on Tim Bakers doubles tournament and most recent singles tournament. Tim indeed is a promoter of shuffleboard. He has a beautiful facility with 2 courts and added 2 more in the spacious barn which was well ventilated. He directed a well run tournament and is to be commended for his efforts. Sylvia Smith

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  2. Linda Rebholz says:

    Where are these courts? We used to drive down to Franklin, IN.


    • Tim Baker says:

      We are actually located approximately 10 miles south of Fort Wayne or a mile south and a mile west of Ossian, IN. If you’re interested in playing, reply back.


  3. John Houghtaling says:

    Just another boost for Zephyrhills Shuffle Board club member(s) who have extended their reach far beyond Florida to help promote our great game!!!! Many congrats to all who traveled near and far to compete!!!!!…..


  4. Dave Stoops says:

    I have been a guest of the Baker family the last two summers. I have played Tim’s courts a number of times. They are great! Tim and I have traveled to Lakeside to play the past two summers. We are currently planning a trip to Hendersonville to play in some National tournaments…in addition to vacationing with our wives. Tim is a great friend and a wonderful promoter of shuffleboard. I am thankful he devotes so much time and energy to promote the sport we love. Thanks Tim!


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