In the last article about the “Baker Farm Singles” I told you a bit about how crazy Tim Baker is about the game; well Dave Stoops is at least as bad maybe worse!

Tim and Pat Baker
Orea and Dave Stoops

Dave is at the Club every chance he gets and plays every chance he gets, talks shuffleboard every change he gets and about every day he talks by phone with Tim; remember those days when you were rather new and had a shuffle friend you couldn’t wait to talk shuffleboard with, I do. Joan Cook and I talked every evening! I couldn’t wait to hear how she did in the tournament or where she was traveling to, to play next. Tim and Dave do the same thing. You know Tim goes everywhere; and so does Dave. He traveled to Lakeside to play, only, the Summer National Doubles with Tim and drove back to Florida.  Dave talks to me about Hendersonville on a regular basis and I knew he wanted to go; I’m sure he inspired Tim and now, how to get the wives to think it was a good idea. Well of course you talk about a vacation in the Mountains of North Carolina, a beautiful place with lots to do and see with all the shopping you could ever ask for. Tim’s wife Pat and Dave’s wife Orea (o-Ray-uh) bought in but only 1st class. They did inform their husbands their wallets were going to take a hit but then what’s money when it comes to a chance to play a little shuffleboard.

How about the rest of you? You’ve been sitting at home, the money’s piling up because you haven’t been any place to spend it. It’s just not that far to travel and you owe it to yourself to see it at least once. You’ll love it!

Earl Ball 8-28-2020

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  1. Jerry Stannard Pres. Golf Lakes says:

    I understand it’s a beautiful place. but come on, this is the year of Stay home, stay safe”. I suggest we play locally until we see whats happening, look at whats happened everywhere they’ve tried to rush back. We are probably safe but the motls, restaurants and other businesses may not be. I imagine the numbers will be quite small as they were at Lakeside, is that a “NATIONAL” tournament? Those who make it back to Florida will most likely be able to play locally but there again I question traveling around the state for the same reasons. I believe that North Carolina and Florida are two of the worst states for the virus, so why rush.


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