Feature Individual Series: We Give You Alcide LeBlanc. 2020 08 29.

To maintain diversity, I am now going to post articles from my archives. To help me keep a record of these random postings, I will post in order.  >> I will use first names where possible. Stan 2020 08 29. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE “CRAZY” RECTANGLES. Maybe someday I will figure out THIS SOFTWARE??????

The third name in “My Documents” is Alcide LeBlanc. 

As many of you will remember, Alcide LeBlanc was one of our competent and courteous HELPERS.  EVERYONE wanted to have their pic taken with Alcide!!

Above we have Alcide LeBlanc with his Japanese friend on the occasion of the 22nd ISA World Championship in 2002 at Clearwater, FL.

Above right is a pic of Alcide with Hallvard and Mats of the Norwegian contingent at the 30th ISA World Championship, 2011 in Dieppe, NB. Not sure if that is a new Cap > but if it is not, Alcide has sure taken good care of it during the 9 Year period!!!

Alcide Tells Me that this pic below is actually his favourite!!

I am not at all sure why he would say that?? But I expect it is because he is with two German Competitors!! Birgitt Hussmann on the left and Lore Wuellner on the right!! 


 And finally, above we have Alcide with more International Players, this time from Brazil, on the left Antonio Borges, father of Bernar, and Earl Ball of the United States of America.

Stan McCormack, 2011 08 10.      

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