Another Great Life Story by Allen Dronsfield!!! I Believe You Will Enjoy.

As many in the past and the present and most likely the future have and will tell their stories, I would like to share mine.

I am a son of Hawaii, in Hawaiian a “Kaimaina” local not of the blood. The oldest of five, and with out a doubt the most adventurist of the five.

My father now gone, worked for Pan American Airlines for 30 years in Honolulu. He had been in Okinawa during the war and with a stop in Hawaii he decided this is where he belonged. 

Growing up on the island of Oahu I spent much of my time in the ocean, this is where my competitive world began as I surfed on the some of the largest and best waves in the world. Built and repaired boards. Much of my time was also spent spearfishing to help put food on the table, as living in paradise comes with a price

My family still resides in Hawaii on Oahu and Kauai. We will be there forever. My Hawaiian friends tell me, “You can take the boy out of the islands but you can’t take the island out of the boy.” I will be returning someday.

I left the islands in the 60’s to seek out my career, as tourism didn’t interest me. I spent a year and a half in the Haight/Ashbury district of San Francisco, what a great experience that was, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I spent the next 22 years in southern California. I became an self employed Welding Contractor. I built nuclear generating stations, refineries, chemical plants, pipelining in the oil fields. Welding on live gas, propane and oil lines. I had married and had a daughter who now lives in Ft. Myers, Fl. My wife at the time new I was a welder, but I never told her what I worked on, she was the nervous type. 46 years we shared together.

During this time, I was actively involved in many activities. Golfing has always been an interest to me playing many years both left and right-handed.

I did a lot of bird hunting which lead to my next addiction. Skeet shooting. I became an AA shooter in American skeet shooting four different gages. I also became a Class A Master shooter in International skeet, shooting 100 mph targets. In the early 80’s I got invitations to tryout for the U.S. Shooting Team to qualify for the 84 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. I narrowly missed the team. As I shot skeet to improve my field work another avenue open for me, I became the Head Gunner for all the AKC Field Trials on the West Coast. I shot over some of the finest pointers in the world, what a treat and pleasure it was. The Wirehair Pointer club gave me a 6-month-old pointer, Solo was his name for short, he had pedigree papers that were unbelievable, we were a great team and also competed in many events.

During this time, I was also actively involved in softball playing on 3 different teams, love the game as I had played baseball when I was younger but it gave me a chance to stay active in the game.

It was about this time in my life that I needed a change in careers, I had spent 25 years as a welder and decided to go to truck driving school. I became a driver trainer and a specialized trucker. In that industry drivers are awarded for their safe driving. They are called Million Milers. I was fortunate to have done it three times, a 3 Million Miler, over 3 Million accident free miles. My career took me to 49 states and every province and territory of Canada. I have seen more of Canada than most Canadians, traveling from Nanimo, BC to St. John’s, Nfld. Ice road trucking in the Northwest Territory, Yellowknife and Hay River, ah the list goes on. I would like to comment on my most favorite place, it would be without question Newfoundland, the island and it’s people are second to none. 

In January 2011 I went in for a pretty serious stent placement near my heart, roughly 90+% blockage. Due to the physical nature of my job the cardiologist suggested I not go back to work for awhile. Yes, this is where my new chapter in my life began. 

Like many in the state of Florida I lived in a mobile home community, yep you guessed it we had 4 shuffleboard courts. I knew they had some kind of leagues, so I asked my neighbor George to show me how to play the game. George put a cue in my hand and said push, that was about all he knew. He must have known or seen something, he immediately said you should come down on Friday’s and play with the boys. I thought to myself the boys? So, I did, I went down and saw them getting the courts ready to play on and luck would have they needed an extra player. The organizer asked me if I would like to play, I said sure and went and found the cue I had used the day before. Within 15 minutes two of the guys asked me to play on their teams. As luck would have it most all of them were snowbirds and were gone. So I spent 4 to 5 hours a day nearly every day for quite sometime practicing when my other neighbor Jerry Shultz came by and suggested taking me to Tavares. I know I am not alone when I say, I had no idea there was structured tournaments, White Jackets, Master’s, HOF’s. But very soon Jerry told me that people would be asking me to play tournaments with them, and yes it did happen. My first season as an amateur got off to an extremely fast pace and I found winning and placing to be a regular result. I realized also at that time this game was not always going to be about me as I would be sharing the glory with my valuable partners. Outside of the TOC, Master’s and maybe a couple others we are a team, I’ve never forgot that. 

I do remember my first state tournament at Hawthorne in my first year, I saw a hand full of people wearing the prestigious white jackets, I thought to myself, I want one of those. I asked someone how you get it. I was quickly informed “You Earn It” rightly so, we sure do. I did get my wish.

I have been very fortunate to have been in the district Master’s all 7 years I’ve been in the game, and won it 3 times, the district TOC the same results. I am the all time Master’s points leader with 73 seasonal points in the Northern District. They inducted me into the district HOF two years ago even though I had the points in four years, they have a 6-year waiting period in the northern district. I made instant pro but deferred but ended up with 16 1/2 move up points that year and up we go.

I didn’t play any states outside of the five northern district states in my first pro season. I just finished my 5th season as a pro and have made the FSA Master’s four years straight and won it back to back the past two season’s. Along with many other victories such as the State Singles and two National’s one of which I won with Stan Williamson my first year as a pro.

So it’s been a remarkable journey to the FSA HOF. Most of all, I wish to thank all the many partners and the many supporters of me. The phone and computer has been non stop since making my 200 points. Thank you all for that, it really is what makes these 200 points more exciting. And thank you Dean for helping me finish it. I hope I can help you finish yours also. And Ron you and Mike and Steve on the men’s side you are knocking on the door. Equally Sue McLaughlin, you are one point out, And Marion has helped so much getting you here also.

There is no way this could be complete without Jan, Jan showed up at Leesburg a little over 4 years ago. I hadn’t payed much attention to her as I was busy working. She states it was my legs, but Jan has been the driving force since. As my relationship had soured after 46 years, my previous wife and I divorced, and Jan and I hooked up. As many know, she had followed me around to all the tournaments and really became a fixture. She promised me that she would push me to this point, Jan has compromised and given up much of her life for me. Thank you never seems to be enough.

In ending, there is so much more that would fill in the voids or empty spaces in my life, but it would take up much more of your time, I hope you’ve got to know me a little bit better through this JOURNEY.

Allen Dronsfield 10/10/18

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3 Responses to Another Great Life Story by Allen Dronsfield!!! I Believe You Will Enjoy.

  1. Tom Winkelspecht says:

    Thank you for sharing, enjoyable read.


  2. debsturat says:

    A good life!


  3. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you for sharing your very interesting life.


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