We Give You Ann Balson Davies. Posted 2020 09 02

Ann Balson Davies Speaks:

Thirty years ago, my Father Gerald Balson started coming to Florida and discovered his love for shuffling. 

He soon became a Central District Pro from Avon Park, FL where he lived and shuffled during the winter. He also belonged to the Scugog Shuffling Club in Blackstock ON where I was fortunate enough to join him and learn the game he loved.

When he passed away in 2009 at age 93 he was still enjoying the game. 
 In 2012 my husband Bob and I arrived in Camp Inn and began to shuffle within the Park.  One day two pro shufflers, Linda and Chester Sine convinced us that we were ready to compete in District Tournaments at the Amateur Level!!

Our first tournament was at the Shuffleboard Club on East Main St. in Avon Park where we were welcomed by Ralph Day (then president) of Avon Park.  Other players who provided strong support during this learning period, included Max and Ruth Tate, Larry and Ruth Brown, and long time shuffler Dick Davis!!

2016-17 has been a hallmark year for me.  Not only did I progress from District Am to State Am, I earned the great pleasure to compete in the prestigious Reiny/Masters.  I am already concentrating on my next goal, that being achieving Pro Status in the FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn.) 

Thank You, Stan, for letting me tell my story.
Ann Balson Davies

Ann later went on to serve as the President of the Blackstock, ON Shuffleboard Club.

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1 Response to We Give You Ann Balson Davies. Posted 2020 09 02

  1. John Houghtaling says:

    This story of Ann following in her Fathers foot steps and continuing on with her journey in Shuffle Board should be an inspiration to “ALL” those beginning shufflers in Florida to participate and experience this great game!!!!! The game is a great place to meet people, socialize, compete and more importantly keeping our minds active and healthy in our golden years!!!! Good luck to you Ann and thank you for your comments!!!….


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