Art and Anita Shorts of the Winter Haven Club; posted 2020 09 07

Congratulations from the First Winter Haven Invitational

                 Amateur Team Event Committee!

Art Shorts Speaks: On behalf of the Committee, James & Sharon Marques, Ruth Stewart, Art & Anita Shorts, and the Winter Have Club Officers, Board, and the members, we congratulate and honor you all for being WINNERS! Yes, just by participating in this special Event, you are a winner! Stan McCormack, chair of The 100th Anniversary Shuffleboard committee, extends congratulations to everyone!

The Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club wants to ensure you that this is just one example of the enthusiasm, and interest that this Club has in providing a shuffleboard venue, that you would want to be a part of. They wish to provide an extension to your faithful Park participation, so that you may be able to enjoy many other opportunities in the great game of Shuffleboard!

We would want the participating Parks to acknowledge the fact that the Wednesday Event Directors, Max & Ruth Tate, consulted, and helped lead our Committee toward the final successful outcome! We must also acknowledge the many Club members behind the scenes, and on site, for their outstanding contribution, to the enjoyment of all!

On another attachment is a picture of your Park Team! Art and Anita’s bookkeeping was not exactly perfect, so if we attached the incorrect picture, just let us know. We are certain that we can correct our error!

Last, but not least, all of us must acknowledge our supporters who so generously provided 201 prizes for all in attendance, to have an opportunity to win. When you visit these businesses, PLEASE extend your appreciation

to them in person! This shows our gratitude, and helps

us provide a “win-win” opportunity in the future!

We hope to see you all again, at the many Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club opportunities available to you!

AGAIN, thank you for participating!                   

Art Shorts, Event Start-up Chairman,

                       and Committee! (Circa December of 2014.)

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