We Give You Art Carlen and Wife Dolores!!! Posted 2020 09 08.


Earl Ball wrote the article below, 16 years ago!!  Art Carlen passed on May 13th, 2020. He was living with his daughter in Pennsylvania.

Lois and I had the good fortune to play against Art and partner Wanda Tipton in the District Mixed Doubles in Winter Haven on Feb 19th, 2010.  Art has lost none of his charm, none of his skill.  He and Wanda caused Lois and I to play for 3rd place!! Keep Shuffling Art!  Stan and Lois.  2010-02-26

Earl Ball Speaks: Art Carlen is a “Florida Shuffleboard Association” State Champion.  Quite a fete when you consider that only one in one hundred players who take part in a State “Pro” tournament ever win a State Championship.  Art normally plays the foot and if you can put him in position he’ll win the game!

Art started out in the game in the early nineties taking Shuffleboard lessons with pal, Dick Goody an outstanding golfer.  They took the lessons from my father–in-law, Paul Bush who was President of the Shuffleboard club at the time.  After the lessons were complete Paul asked them if they would volunteer to take the job of “Block” waxers for the upcoming tournament and they agreed, not realizing they had just accepted the job for the season, so they didn’t get a chance to play many tournaments that first season, but watched the “Big Boys” as time permitted and learned a great deal.  So much in fact that as Amateurs, playing as a team they beat the “Big Boys” in a tournament and walked off with a Championship. 

I won my first, first place in a Pro/Am, playing as an amateur with Art Carlen.

Art now plays the State “Pro” circuit and due to his ability and reputation is in great demand.  You’ll never get a bad word out of him about a partner and he’ll never back down from a challenge.

Art was the a “Star” baseball player and Class President of Williamson Trade School after High School putting him into position to meet future wife Dolores, a State Champion Twirler, she was Head Majorette of the High School Band and an “Eaglelette”, the pre runner to Cheerleaders for the Philadelphia Eagles Pro Football team. Art and Dolores, are great sports fans, watching ever event of any kind, every chance they get.  Dolores plays golf and “club” Shuffleboard and they go out and dance at least once a week.  Together, they’ve raised four, very successful daughters.  One is a highly recruited Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.  When our “Club” took their turn last year at sponsoring the “King and Queen” of Betmar, we elected Art and Dolores to represent us.  They accepted the responsibility and never missed an event or parade, shook hands or hugged everyone everywhere, making a proud “Club” proud.  They did a great job.

I don’t know how old Art is, but I know they make him take money out of his IRA’s, which means he has to be at least 70 years old, you would never know it though, he is very active with a project going at all times, he loves to dig in the dirt.  I know they plan to leave on vacation July 8th and will be gone for six weeks.

Earl Ball July 01st, 2004. 

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1 Response to We Give You Art Carlen and Wife Dolores!!! Posted 2020 09 08.

  1. John Houghtaling says:

    I can’t stress enough the fact that Art was a true gentleman with a soft spoken voice on and off the courts. I am very proud to have known Art and his wife!!!!…


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