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Wilbur Estes

Going On the Board Too Soon

You have heard comments about going on the Board too soon (or too late).

“He went on the Board too soon.”

“I went on the Board too soon.”

“I should’ a gone on sooner.”

“He should’ a gone on sooner.”

These remarks refer to one of two entirely different events.

They may refer to placing Kitchen Bait in the half round — too soon, with the First or Second Disc, or too late with the Third Disc.

In addition, they may refer to whether Kitchen Bait was placed too early, or too late, in the Game.

Going on the Board “too soon” may mean that someone thinks the point-difference was not large enough, at the time, to require Kitchen Bait. They do not think Kitchen Bait was necessary, therefore, the Bait was placed “Too Soon.”

“He should’ a gone on sooner.” means that, in the opinion of some opponents, partners, or spectators, Kitchen Bait should have been placed earlier, but was not placed until the point-difference was too large.

When using the Simple Point-Difference Method of determining the Score Relationship, whether you go on “too soon,” or “too late”, lacks a factual mathematical basis, and is, therefore, only a matter of opinion.

Because The Modular System precisely defines Ahead and Behind, it is easy to determine exactly when you need to place Kitchen Bait.

The subtle mathematics of The Modular System will cause some partners, opponents, and onlookers, to think you went on “too soon,” while others will think you did not go on soon enough. These differences of opinion show how these Players think, which will help you understand their Strategies, and show you what to expect from them.

Wilbur Estes The Guy Who Wrote The Book.

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