Winning Tips by Earl Ball. Article 21: 2020 09 11


There are two sayings you should heed.  I thought David Earle would write about them since he helped develop them, but he must be far away in the north woods this summer.  I haven’t heard a word from him!  They are “Don’t force a great player to shoot a great shot, because he will!”  And “Don’t allow a great player the chance to make a great shot, because he will!”  A couple of examples:  If you have a good seven and it’s double covered and you have a good lead don’t block the open side of the board, leave the great player an easy option; remember he is a great player because he earned the reputation.  If you block the open side he may just decide to run his dead block up on your 7, holding his good block and putting you in the kitchen.  The great players make those shots on all too regular a basis.  If a great player lands on a line and you decide to cover that block instead of clearing it you are looking for disaster.  Somehow Glen Peltier will hit that block and get one if it’s your hammer and two if it’s his; Mike Vasalotti will roll off the cover on to the board forcing you to take him off and he’ll have two; Stan Williamson and Chuck Stansburge will just shoot the cover into the kitchen and then where are you!  Great players make great shots and great plays, that’s how they got the reputation!

I know you’re sitting there thinking “I wonder if he really thinks about these tips while he’s playing”.  The answer is yes, plus about two or three others per tip that deal with the scoreboard, the situation, who I’m playing and who my partner is playing.  You’d better be thinking about them, because your opponent is and if you aren’t your probably a dead ducky poo!  If you don’t believe me, ask Wilbur!

Earl Ball 2006 08 13

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2 Responses to Winning Tips by Earl Ball. Article 21: 2020 09 11

  1. Jerry Stannard HOF, Pres. GOLF LAKES says:

    I’ve been the recipient of these deeds by these players. David Earle dragging a disc on the outside line for a double on his hammer, Earl using my cover to reverse a kitchen , then making a double on his hammer to win the match, Stan caroming off a disc on the side to score and put me in the kitchen at the same time and Mike scoring four discs on his last shot while ruining my two good discs. These were all painful at the time but also enjoyable to see the skills of these players.

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  2. debsturat says:

    Always learn something from these writings!! Thank you!


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