We Give You Austin and Winnie McDonald!!!

While this article is primarily about Austin, every shuffler is aware that an understanding supporting spouse is a “big plus”.  Add to that the fact that Winnifred was a strong shuffler in her own right, winning the FL Central District Amateur Tournament in 1984!  THE SHUFFLER SALUTES YOU BOTH!!  The McDonalds retired in 1977 and began a new phase of their lives.  At that time neither Austin nor Winnifred dreamed that Shuffling, the Sport they discovered, and learned to love so much, would become such an enjoyable and rewarding part of their lives!!  Austin has so many key wins that it is difficult to know where to begin. We will begin at the pinnacle: The induction into the FSA Hall of Fame: date Jan 17th, 2000!!  Along the way: Central District FL Amateur Champion 1983 & 1984!! Earned FL Pro Status 1984.  Won the U.S. International Pro Classic “World” Championship Doubles in 1988, partner Russ Dehart!!  Won U.S. National Closed Singles at Lakeside OH 1988!!  Won FSA State Doubles partner Clyde Mills 1990!!  Qualified for FL State Masters 3 years, played 1!!  Won FL Central District Pro Masters in 1996 and 1997!!  Won the Canadian National Expert Singles 3 times!!  Won the Canadian National Expert Doubles 3 times!! Austin represented Canada 7 times on the Canadian ISA team!!  This list of wins is outstanding!!  However; the McDonalds also gave back to the Sport. They sponsored the Central District Pro Masters Tournament for two years.  Austin was the treasurer of the CNSA for 6 years, and on the Board of the OSA for 5 years.  He was inducted into the OSA Hall of Fame in 1995!!   Austin, all Shufflers, those you met on the Courts in North America or when representing your country in the ISA tournaments, all of us have a great deal of respect, and yes, admiration for the contribution you have made to this sport.  THE SHUFFLER: NEWS AND VIEWS OF INTEREST TO ALL SHUFFLERS!  Article By Stan McCormackNOTE: This article was written and published in July of 2003.  Accordingly, the McDonalds record of “Winning” and “Giving” was EXTENDED beyond what is written above. The McDonalds again sponsored THE CD MASTERS IN 2006 and ?? at least 1 other year. 

Article by Stan McCormack.

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