Wilbur Estes 05 11 16 Series About the 43 Point Limitation. Article 9 of the Series. Posted 2020 09 14.

About “the 43-Point Limitation”

When your Score is below 43 Points, the game is young. If you have a Hide, you can afford to risk a sneak.

Your sneak, in addition to possibly scoring an additional disc, will “condition” your opponent to expect you to sneak whenever he gives you the chance.

Cover your good disc, and score your Hammer.

If you sneak successfully keep it covered and score your Hammer.
Do not sneak another. You may “put a handle” on your good disc, enabling your opponent to “take-out” both.
An early sneak (a Sneak with your first or second disc) when your score is below 43, serves a good purpose, — even when it fails
An early sneak prepares your opponent to expect you to sneak when you have a chance. This “conditioning” will serve you well, particularly after you reach 43 Points, — and apply The 43 Point Limitation, which forbids sneaking when you are Ahead, and 43, or above.

When you are Ahead cover a successful sneak “off the board”.
You have the Hammer, and are already “set-up” for a bonus score. You are Ahead; it would be unwise and poor playing to take any additional risk.

It is Percentage Play to cover your good disc whenever your opponent still has a disc remaining. “Lock it up, and keep it!” if possible.

Be very careful when trying to cover.

Do not cover close to an existing block. You may hit it and expose your “good disc”. When covering do not give your opponent a Hide. Do not “block yourself out”. Make sure you have a good chance to score your Hammer. If your opponent has used his last disc, — score your hammer.
Risk is associated with all plays, but a sneak at this time offers several advantages. If you do not try an early sneak when you have the chance and are Below 43, you will relinquish control of your opponent’s mind, and give away an important psychological advantage.

Although a sneak fails, it “conditions” your opponent to expect you to sneak. This puts pressure on him to clear well, — and influences his subsequent play. You force him to deny you the chance to sneak which takes away some of his options.

If you let him think you will never sneak he will have less to fear and can play aggressively. You, instead of he, will have to defend. You will be making the difficult shots, which will defeat you.

An early sneak is “good play” when you are trying to establish a bracket advantage. It may allow you to gain this important advantage very early in the game.

Stan Speaks: I will add to this article on Wednesday, the 16th. (2020 09 16)

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  1. debsturat says:

    Thank you! Read it earlier and will re-read. (often)


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