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If you don’t try it, you won’t do it-#1

Most currently active players want to “Play Kitchen” ” (the unfortunate result of “The Florida 12-Frame Game”); and many are very good “Kitcheners” (if there is such a word). For some reason (that I fail to understand) most players like to line up their Cue Disc, approximately the same distance from the edge of the court as the Target Disc and shoot straight down at the Target Disc, and they “Kitchen, Straight-Ahead”.

“So what?” you ask.

When they “Kitchen a 7”, they are sitting “fat, dumb, and happy”, directly in front of the “Kitchened Disc”.

Therefore, when you “Bait”, and your opponent tries to “Kitchen”, or sticks trying to clear your “Bait-7”, his disc is there (“fat, dumb, and happy”) in the 7.

What should you do? You “Baited”, hoping for this situation, now you should capitalize on your good fortune.

You MUST “Kitchen”, and you must use your knowledge and skill to do it properly. Which means, — you MUST “Kitchen on the Angle”. Shoot from where you have the “best angle”; hit the “Target Disc” on the side nearest the edge of the court, and “Kitchen” your opponent’s disc, while your “Cue Disc” rolls away, so that it is not directly “in front” of the “Kitchened Disc.”

In addition, this separation creates a problem for your opponent. He must make a decision.

  1. Should he “take-out his kitchen?”
    1. Should he “try to transfer?”
    2. Should he try to settle for 3-OFF, and a possible 10-OFF of you?
    3. Should he shoot hard to try to “get both?”

Whenever your opponent has options, he also has the option of making a mistake.

Always try to kitchen “on the angle”.

This requires great precision, and you will not succeed often when you first adopt this refinement, but …

If you don’t try it, you won’t do it”.

Wilbur, The Guy That Wrote The Book  Submitted 5/27/06

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  1. debsturat says:

    Thank you for this!!


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