We Give You Bert and Nicole Routhier.

Pic below is of Bert and Nicole in Australia in 2008. 


Bert as many readers of THE SHUFFLER will know, lives in St Albert, AB, and normally winters in AZ.   Bert represented Canada during the 24th ISA Meet in Brazil; the 27th, 2008, in Coolangatta, Australia; and the 31st, 2012, in Seattle WA.  He and Nicole also competed in the Canadian IP held in Dieppe in 2013.  Bert is the 2014-2015 President of District III, Yuma, of the AZ Shuffleboard Association.

Nicole speaks on 2015 10 02: “Well, this has been an eventful couple weeks. Bert went for a colostomy and they found a cancerous lump. He is going for more tests next week, and under the knife soon after. Hope to be back in Yuma in a couple months if things go well. Now we must find a warmer place to live. Motorhome just won’t cut it up here in the great north. We had the motorhome sold in two days and just got a call and they are having cold feet. Back to the drawing board. Anyone wants to buy it. It’s in great shape. we have been looking at condos, not Bert’s first choice, but it’s the best. We will be missing Yuma and all our friends soooooo terribly. No western, no team for a while, and most of all, No happy hour. It’s going to be real tough. Love you all. Nicole. 

Our thoughts are with Bert and Nicole and we hope they will be in Yuma soon.   Stan McCormack, 2015 10 05.  (I served with Bert in the RCAF)

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