Wilbur Estes General, 2006 05 “WE NEW BEGINNING” #2.

If you don’t try it, you won’t do it-#2

“If you don’t try it, you won’t do it”, is an easily understood statement, but what does it mean to you, — and your game?

In today’s “Kitchen Oriented” game most opponents, having a disc in the Kitchen, and your 7 in front of , will try to “Transfer” (whether they need a “Transfer”, or not); and many “Transfer” well.

It should be obvious, but apparently, it is not, that they need to “get out of the Kitchen”; — and, they also need to get rid of their opponent’s 7 (or 8).

However, when you are “in the Kitchen”, and your opponent’s 7 is in front of your Kitchen, and are “AHEAD”; you know that you do not need a “Transfer”.

The “Winning Game” is the “Clearing Game”; therefore, you must “Shoot Hard” to carom your opponent’s “Good Disc” into “Your Kitchened Disc”.

However, to do this properly; you MUST “Shoot on the Angle”; NOT “Straight-Down”.

The reason that you shoot on the angle, is that your “Cue Disc’s” momentum is toward the edge of the court, which increases the likelihood that it will carom “off the Board”. Of course, if it is “off the Board”, it is not available for another “Kitchen”.

If you try a “Straight-Down Transfer”, and miss the “Transfer”, you are again, sitting “fat, dumb, and happy” in the 7, and vulnerable to the “Kitchen”. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), 20-OFF is damaging to your Shuffleboard Health. Clear hard to carom off the Board.

Even if you do not “Clear your Kitchen”, your opponent’s 7 is history, — and you are not available for another “Kitchen”.

Shooting this shot (on the angle) offers the same advantage, as does, shooting your Hammer from the “Outside Front Corner”, and across the Board, and the “drift” is nearly the same. Standardize where you “shoot from”, and where you “shoot to”. It will improve your game.

You may say (or think) it is hard enough just to hit the disc, how will I be able to shoot with this precision?

If you don’t try it, you won’t do it”.

Wilbur, The Guy That Wrote The Book  Submitted 5/27/06

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4 Responses to Wilbur Estes General, 2006 05 “WE NEW BEGINNING” #2.

  1. susan b. daidone says:

    I am always leary about the angle shot at the kitchen for fear that I will end up in the kitchen. What can I do so that I don’t end up in there??? Thanks SUE


  2. debsturat says:

    I like this man’s sense of humor — it is subtle, but oh so fun


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