Wilbur Estes General 2006 05 “New Beginning”. #3

If you don’t try it, you won’t do it-#3

“If you don’t try it, you won’t do it”, is an easily understood statement, but what does it mean to you, — and your game?

A subtlety that most players are missing is the “Carom and Roll”. When you have a Reinforced Hide (a Hide consisting of two, or more, discs, which you may have reinforced in several ways); your opponent (being “Kitchen Oriented”) will very frequently “Go on the Board”, in preference to trying to “Clear the Hide”. He is your lawful prey. Most players simply clear straight ahead. Of course, clearing is required if you are ahead.

Your opponent goes on the board because this play “works” for him, or he thinks it does.

However, if are behind and have a Reinforced Hide, shoot on the most acute angle that you can get, take your opponent’s disc off, and try to “roll” into the hide. Most players are not trying this.

Where your opponent’s disc is placed determines the speed of your shot, and the “Aiming Point”. There are many possibilities.

Only experience will allow you recognize these ”possibilities”, and allow you to shoot with the precision that makes this shot “work”. However, you will often pick-up a needed score; and in addition, if you are successful, or nearly so, a “smart” opponent will abandon this tactic.

“Why do you want him to abandon the tactic?” you ask. Because it relieves you of the need to make difficult clearing shots. Everyone sticks, or misses. If you do not have to risk “Sticking on the Board”, or “Missing Bait”, you are under less pressure. If you stick, or miss a Tampa, or a St. Pete, it is potentially less damaging than “Sticking on the Board”.

This usually is a percentage play, only when you have a “Reinforced Hide”, — do not try it with a “Single Hide”. You are more likely to “Roll Open”.

In addition, it may help you get ahead, if you are behind. You should not try this in the First Round, or when you are ahead.

This requires great precision, and you will not succeed often when you first adopt this refinement, but …

If you don’t try it, you won’t do it”.

Wilbur, The Guy That Wrote The Book  Submitted 5/27/06

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