Should We Call Jay Fitzpatrick “Mr. Shuffleboard”????

A very unusual thing happened in the National Shuffleboard Championships in Hendersonville this week.  Jay Fitzpatrick was a winner in all 3 events.  Of course, he had assistance of his partners in two of the events.  In the Men`s Doubles he had help from Lyle Walker and in the Mixed Doubles, he had help from Betty Loveland.  In the Singles event, he did it all on his own.  Truly amazing for one player to accomplish this feat.  Maybe we should call Jay “Mr. Shuffleboard”. Sent along by Harold Thhorne.


Tournament Results

Tournament #20 Sept. 17 & 18

 National Mixed Doubles Championship


  1.    Betty Loveland – Jay Fitzpatrick
  2.    Joan Buck – Ray Buck
  3.    Lynda King – Warren King
  4.    Gail Chase – Stan Quinn


  1. Jeanne Wenger – Dave Wenger
  2. Melody Blumenkemper – Joe Blumenkemper
  3. Katy Walker – Lyle Walker
  4. Jan Barnhart – Bruce Barnhart

Tournament Director:  Sandi Quinn

Teams: 10

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9 Responses to Should We Call Jay Fitzpatrick “Mr. Shuffleboard”????

  1. Paul Hawkins says:

    Congrats Jay.
    That’s a really impressive feat.


  2. Helen Biaggi says:

    Congratulations Jay. Quite an achievement


  3. Earl Ball says:

    Congratulations Jay!
    You did a great job of handling the pressure of keeping everybody safe and played great shuffleboard.


  4. Glenn Monroe says:

    Congratulations on a fine accomplishment, Jay.
    Glenn Monroe


  5. Bob Jones says:

    Congratulations Jay! This is a tremendous feat. You earned it with great play and sportsmanship.


  6. debsturat says:

    Jay, that is so awesome. A tremendous accomplishment! And congrats to your partners as well!


  7. Dave Stoops says:

    Very impressive performance. Congratulations!


  8. Esther L. Jacobson says:

    Jay, I am not at all surprised, you are a great player, a wonderful role model and a great citizen, I am so very proud of you, congratulations Jay, you sure do deserve it. Esther L. Jacobson


  9. Elaine says:

    Wonderful wonderful. Congrats


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