We Give You Bev Fowler!!!

Presenting Bev Fowler of Coldwater!

Bronze Medal ISA, 2012

The pic on the left of Leo and Bev Fowler was taken at Woodstock in 2007 when Leo and Bev placed 2nd in the Amateur Event in 2007. 

Bev’s enthusiasm, personality, and shuffling skills earned her a position on the Canadian Team in Germany in 2010.  I am sure you have not forgotten that the Canadian Women placed 1st in the 2010 ISA Team Event!!  Bev would agree that there is no “I” in team, but there is no doubt that her team spirit, her Joie de vie, contributed to Canada’s win! 

Bev did not shuffle at the Doubles event in Coldwater in 2012 but she did work; she did support the Club.  She contributed two carefully crafted Petite Point pictures for the Banquet Draw.  Lois was the lucky recipient and because her sister Joyce was unable to attend, Lois elected to give the two pieces of art to Joyce.  Lois, Bev and Joyce were all overjoyed!!

If anyone cannot remember Bev, she was the spirited young female who jumped up at the Membership Meeting and spoke in favour of a basis for SELECTION for Canadian Teams that included attributes in addition to the ABILITY to shuffle!!

Stan McCormack.  2012 05 26.     

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1 Response to We Give You Bev Fowler!!!

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    Whenever you see Bev, you will get the biggest welcome and a smile you will not forget. She deserves to be recognized.


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