Wilbur Estes 05 11 16 Series. The Philosophy of Winning. Article 10. Posted 2020 09 21.


Until its complexities are identified and understood,

The Guy Who Wrote The Book.

Shuffleboard, like Chess and other complex games, appears simple and without challenge or excitement.

Uninformed spectators say, “I can’t see any point in it, one person scores a disc, the other knocks it off.”

Although they recognize the need for hand and eye coordination, it is only after they recognize the subtle influences of psychology, mathematics, geometry, physical and mental conditioning, discipline, concentration, and dedication, that they detect the possibility of exciting challenge.

The Shuffleboard World accommodates the interest of all players, by providing games and matches of varying intensity, from the relaxed fun play of “pick-up games” in mobile home parks (Trailer Park Shuffleboard), through the more intense League and Inter-Park play, to District, Regional, State, National, and International tournaments.

Thousands of players enjoy the more relaxed fun games, while many enjoy the intense competition of tournament play.

The majority of currently active players learned the game in mobile home parks, where fun shots were the foremost source of satisfaction. Trying the shot was fun. Making it was fun, and making a difficult shot was even more fun, — but the most fun, by far, was “Kitchening” their opponent.

Although most Trailer Park Shufflers sincerely believe thatthey are playing to win, they are really just having fun, trying challenging shots — and “making” some. Winning is not their goal. They have fun, without serious regard for the Scoreboard — or who wins. Their object is to have fun, which perhaps, is all that the majority of enthusiasts want.

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    Thank you, as always!


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