I’ve already written this article, a few days ago, but now I can’t find it to share with all of you! I have no idea how I’m going to remember all the nice words I said about players or all the players I said them about, but here goes!


I’ve done this before, particularly with Zephyrhills players, and have been right; think most recently of Dean Myklejord and Mike Seyfer. I wrote about both in their early days; I knew they would make it. The future greats share a number of traits, passion, desire, enthusiasm, dedication, natural ability, hard work, and of course you gotta wanna! Dean’s a bowler with natural-ability and nobody has ever outworked Mike. Mike is a, very successful lifelong, athlete who just plane outworks everyone else, and of course, they both wanted it, badly. Now they are both, Hall of Fame Superstars. I was fortunate to present both for induction into the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame this past January. But there are others, I pointed out Glenna Earle, Nancy Sclafani, and Linda Marshman in front of a class I was teaching, they were helping and may not have even have been Pros yet. They were astonished but I knew I was right. David Earle and Henry Strong also had what it takes and I let it be known. John Houghtaling and Gary McGaffey will make it too and be big stars.

As I look at today’s players, I know Tim Baker and Dave Stoops will hit the big time. Tim built his own courts, two of them and he’s improved greatly. Dave is a gym rat. Spending as much time as possible at the courts or studying the game, including the history. It’s always nice to know who’s who and who you have to beat to be the best! If you want a big-time partner for the future these two are definitely movers and shakers!

When someone believes in you it’s hard to accept it’s you, they are talking about. I remember Art Carlen and Lyle Tidd telling me I would be at the top of the game and I would tell them I could not accept that I would ever be as good as Jacques Bergeron, who I recognized as the best, but it seems they were right in that I have certainly had a successful career.

Earl Ball 9-22-2020

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  1. debsturat says:

    Will watch for them!!!


  2. John Houghtaling says:

    All of us named in your statement appreciate the kind words, there certainly are some very dedicated players from the “Z” Club for sure!!!!!!…


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