We Give You Bill Hoyer!!

REFLECTIIONS by the MEN’S 2nd Place Finisher


Bill Hoyer.

Bill and Barbara Hoyer

I began playing shuffleboard at age 6 in Lakeside, Ohio, where my family spent their summers.  I won many youth tournaments.  I was not able to play in any tournaments during my teaching and coaching career but, after retiring, I began to play in the Ohio tournaments.  I was fortunate to win a Singles and a Doubles National Championship at Lakeside, and I am currently 1st Vice President of the Ohio State Shuffleboard Association.

My first taste of International Competition was the 2012 World Team Championship in Seattle, Washington.  I then played in Norway in June 2013 and was honored to be invited to the World Singles Championship in St. Petersburg, Florida, last October.  I won my first several matches, and my confidence increased each day.  I finished undefeated in pool play and advanced to the top 16 bracket, where I had to play Glen Peltier in my first match.   I was most honored to have the opportunity to play such a great player.  I won on the last shot and then played one of my best friends from Lakeside, Rich Phifer.  In a very close match, I came out on top.  After defeating Steve Raimondi in a tough semi-final match, I played Ken Offenther in the finals.  Ken had been the runner-up in a previous World Singles Championship and, after a challenging match, he won the well-deserved championship.  My runner-up finish was beyond my wildest dreams!

Shuffleboard has provided me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from countries around the world.  I hope I will be able to play in future International Tournaments.  I look forward to playing in Midland, Ontario, Canada in August and seeing old and new friends.

Bill Hoyer. 

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1 Response to We Give You Bill Hoyer!!

  1. Joan McCurdy. says:

    A wonderfully written story by a real role model for shuffleboard.
    Thank you


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