Winning Tips by Earl Ball, Article 23.


1st Place; US NSA Men’s Doubles; Bill Hoyer and Earl Ball.

If you’re at the head and the other team is in the 60’s or you’re at the foot, need two blocks and the other team will get the next two hammers and most certainly win.  You need to get two blocks. Most players just try to play kitchen and don’t make it and just lose.  Here’s how you play for two blocks.  If the opponent puts up a St Pete you put up a St Pete.  If he puts up a Tampa you put up a Tampa.  Let him hide one; then you must have the discipline not to chase him but take your own hide.  About that time he’ll wake up and realize what is happening and chase you, just recover your block and score the hammer, trading two for one.  If he doesn’t chase you and tries to hide another one he probably won’t be successful because it’s really hard to hide two, take him off and score the hammer.  A few years ago Dave Wenger and I were playing the quarters in the Southern National Singles.  He had 68 and I had 63 and I had the hammer, he put up a St Pete and so did I, he hid and so did I. In the end he tried to hide another but was open, I was able to take him off, hold the score and won the match.  Dave was terribly upset and still talks about it because he had it won but didn’t recognize the trap, will you??

Earl Ball 2006 08 17

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5 Responses to Winning Tips by Earl Ball, Article 23.

  1. debsturat says:

    I know this is strategy — but feels more like a psyche out!


  2. debsturat says:

    (Dont’ know how to edit my comments. Left off “And that is a good thing!!”


  3. Dave Minnich says:

    I agree 100%, Earl. The key word is “discipline”. No chasing good discs by opponent. Two for one is the goal.


    • Earl A Ball says:

      Ya know, ya get ta thinkin ya know the game pretty well and than a Dave Minnich, who is a true strategist, speaks up and you know you are still in awe of the true greats of our game.


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