We Give You Bill and Rhea Visser



Bill Visser of Niagara Falls, ON, winter resident of Arizona, placed first in the Championship Event of the Men’s Singles event!!  This was a significant tournament, prize money for 1st was just over $1,000. US, and with 212 competitors, the competition was keen!

Bill and Rhea Visser

The SHUFFLER spoke with Bill immediately following his win: The SHUFFLER: Bill, how does it feel to take 1st in this event? Bill; “I feel like I am the luckiest man alive, I had a great deal of good luck!  There is also the element of skill and trying to block your opponent but I think my opponent was a bit heavy and put himself in the kitchen when it really hurt him.”  THE SHUFFLER:  How important was your familiarity with the courts to the win? Bill: “Don and I talked about that; where Don is used to shooting on courts that are 5 to 6 seconds, we in Arizona are accustomed to 13 to 14 second courts.  We put up a hide before we put up our second shot and then hide behind.  In Florida it is more like a straight take out shot and stick, and try to put your opponent in the kitchen.  I believe our game has a little more finesse to it.”  THE SHUFFLER: Have you ever shuffled in Florida Bill?  Bill: “Never, I have shuffled in Texas and in Yuma ~~ but I have shuffled in Ontario.  THE SHUFFLER salutes Bill Visser of ON for his win and for these observations.  I am sure his observations will spark some intense debate between and among shufflers of the “east and west”. However; the common theme will be the respect for Bill for this significant win. 

Stanistheman 2004-03-21

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  2. Joan McCurdy says:

    I enjoyed reading about Bill’s game, win and story. Thank you.


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