Wilbur Estes 05 11 16 Series What Causes Poor Playing??

Poor playing may result from a lack of knowledge, a poor assessment of the situation, or over-confidence. Over Confidence has a partner — Lack of Discipline. This subversive twosome conspires to destroy your game.

The Modular System’s Game Plan shows how to control Over-Confidence. It provides rules to guide you to the safest, easiest, most predictable way to accomplish whatever you need to do.

Lack of Discipline, however, is a different problem.

Lack of discipline reveals itself when you know what you need to do, but deliberately, with conscious thought, do something else.

Lack of Discipline gestures seductively, pointing to a more challenging and more attractive alternative. Lack of Discipline paints a vivid picture of the glowing benefits awaiting you upon the successful execution of an attractively difficult shot. These benefits obliterate the fear of failure. You proceed gleefully without questioning your need to make the shot.

By following the recommendations of The Game Plan, you will not become a victim of Over-Confidence or Lack of Discipline, but will strengthen your Discipline, increase your knowledge — and your wins.

The Game Plan consists of relatively uncomplicated Plays that allow you to maintain your position (if you are Ahead) or “catch up” (if you are behind). These Plays limit your vulnerability to a potentially disastrous loss. They also restrict Your Opponent’s potential for a Big Score (a Big Score is two discs or more).

The most successful Plays meet specific criteria and have undergone many years of observation and testing before being accepted for inclusion in The Game Plan.

The Game Plan recognizes the possibility of catastrophic failure and makes specific recommendations to help you maintain Discipline. Strict adherence to the rule that covers the specific situation automatically eliminates Over-confidence and helps prevent a breach of Discipline.

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2 Responses to Wilbur Estes 05 11 16 Series What Causes Poor Playing??

  1. debsturat says:

    This is good! Thank you.


  2. John Houghtaling says:

    Excellent advice on how “NOT” to get caught up in the greed trap!!!!….


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