We Give You Bob and Linda Marshman.

BOB MARSHMAN …Induction to CD HOF      13 March 2015

Bob and Linda Marshman

Good day everyone. It is my pleasure to present Bob Marshman to you for induction into the Central District HOF in the Past President category.

Bob has been the CD President for the past two years and a very good one I would suggest. He has kept the District operating smoothly all the while that we have implemented several significant changes to our tournaments. Bob has worked diligently to maintain harmony in the District.

Bob has managed to provide some wise counsel to other Districts who are just now starting to realize that change is necessary. They hear what you already know…that in the past two years we started to group byes into the top of the chart to reduce waiting, distributed hundreds of amateur information packets to improve participation, introduced the modified doubles tournaments, replaced lagging for the third game thereby moving the match along faster, and encouraged several clubs, with the support of the 100yr anniversary committee,  to introduce new no-point tournaments  to get new players introduced to tournament play. The other Districts can’t ignore the buzz that each of us put forward as we travel throughout the State.

Bob has been a strong proponent for the Central District at the FSA meetings, both formal and informal. He keeps informing them that he represents a strong District and that we are strong because we accept change. We will push the envelope as far as we can to get new players involved and to keep them involved. This has not always thrilled the FSA  Board but Bob has kept going forward anyway.

So folks, this being said, I now present Bob Marshman for induction to our Hall of Fame.

David D Earle

President, Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club

Tribute to LINDA MARSHMAN… (Supporting remarks by Glenna Earle > INTO FSA HOF)

It is not difficult to think of lots of wonderful things to say about my good friend and partner, Linda Marshman. As you would know if who have partnered with her she is a very gracious partner and keeps her thoughts to herself about how your game is going! Both of us being teachers, we have opinions about what to do and when,  but I always liked to hear Linda’s idea about certain situations. She being the Phys Ed teacher,  had plenty to teach this non-atheletic music teacher! But being the kind sweet person she is, she only gave pointers when asked and always phrased her thoughts in a pleasant way.

Such as, “ Well I thought if you had done this, or maybe you could have done that”!!! Very helpful.

When we started learning to shuffle we lived in the same park and were lucky to take advantage of  excellent instruction from one of the best teachers around. Marshall Leigh was a Pro but a very low-key kind of guy who would watch us and suggest things we could do to improve our game. From our shooting stance to how to hold our cue more effectively, not to mention the strategy about where and when to make certain shots, he would offer comments or suggestions which were a huge help.

From Winter’s Park, Marshall encouraged us to start getting out to play some of the local tournaments in the city of Zephyrhills which we eventually did. Once in awhile we got lucky and managed a win. That was the start that set us off on the tournament trail. We both joined the Zephyrhills Shuffle Club where we were fortunate to have some of the best players in Fl playing alongside us in the same club. It was their suggestion that we should learn to NOT  “play like a girl”, as they said!  Also,  it was there we met and began to play with our good friend and comrade, Nancy Sclafani. The 3 of us sort of climbed the ladder of success together. We became the 3 musketeers, or Charlie’s Angels or Triple trouble, whatever suits. Nancy moved from our area soon after becoming a Pro but we still teamed up for a Tournament or 2 each year.

Linda and I partnered for a lot of the State T’s and since our “guys” were also shuffling, we began sharing the driving. We became travelling buddies which we still do even now.  It became a weekly adventure to tour off to a State T somewhere and sometimes an overnight stay. We always had a great deal of fun which encouraged us to continue playing and hoping to win against some of the best players in Fl. At first we did not win very often but after awhile we would manage to “place”, and then we placed more often.  Suddenly we had the “bug”!!!!

Linda was always steadfast in her pursuit of the win and always the one to keep us on track. She would say, oh well maybe we can get the next game, or match, or if we got bumped out of the Main event she would say, well we can  win in Cons. When I might get frustrated with my poor shooting,  she  kept her cool and reminded me that “we can do this”!! What a great partner to always have an upbeat attitude and never get annoyed even when her partner was not doing her job!! Once in awhile we would come home a bit discouraged when we got beat out but we did not dwell on what went wrong. We just got in the car and said to the guys. “Well where are we going for dinner?” They were equally easy-going and frustration with a bad day was quickly left behind as we carried on with more important things in life, such as FOOD!

And that brings me to our many delightful experiences as we chose our best place to stop for dinner. Bob always loves seafood so if there is lobster, crab or oysters on the menu he is happy. We always managed to find restaurants to suit our fancy and therefore ate well. There was never a question about whether or not we would head home before dinner. Dinner out,  was a “given” and no one complained. Might be 10 PM before we got home but that was fine. We learned about some favouite places which we always liked to frequent whenever in certain areas, The Catfish House in St Cloud, Panera if there was one on our route, Five Guys, occasionally!

Linda became a Pro in 2008/09 year and started playing more State T’s. Since then as you can see from the enormous amount of work done on collecting statistics  by Colleen, Linda’s record speaks for itself. She has won and placed in many tournaments and achieved the required and coveted 200 pts, even if she did “play like a girl” sometimes.

 It gives me distinct pleasure and pride to present my dear friend, Linda Marshman for induction into the Florida State Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

Glenna Earle.

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3 Responses to We Give You Bob and Linda Marshman.

  1. debsturat says:

    Great write-up!! Thanks!!


  2. John Houghtaling says:

    And well deserved by these great players and such good people!!!! I’m so appreciative to have Bob and Linda as my friends!!!!!!…


  3. Glen Peltier says:

    Two deserving people.


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