We Give You Bob Havilland!!!

Do any of you enjoy watching a match, almost as much as playing in one yourself, especially when the players who are participating are your friends, or maybe even,  just that friendly casual acquaintance? I know I do. It doesn`t matter if the match is for the State Finals, or a match in my park, just for bragging rights. This is what makes our sport so great. The comradery… OK, what are they going to do now, who got the hammer, what frame are they in, can they come back being down 35?

Bob Havilland

The fact that it`s a thinking man or woman`s game is what makes it so interesting. Now… do they block the board and play defense, or do they try to sneak in a partially hidden seven?

Yea we all know the scoreboard tells us everything, but sometimes we just want to pull that rabbit out of our proverbial hats. Yea, we may kick ourselves later, and your partner is probably thinking, “what the hell are you doin”, but at the time it seemed somewhat reasonable.  Is it maybe temporary insanity?…. Yea maybe… but don`t tell me you never did it. Ha!

I really love watching well played games. When the strategy is good defense, they don`t get greedy, and they know their opponent’s capabilities. Drives me crazy here in the park, they don`t do any of these. it`s all offense. They take their last block and BANG, go for a seven, or BANG, how about a ten, no cover, no nothing, and then they`re shocked you put them in the kitchen. Must be dirty pool, huh?

But really, I don`t have to play to enjoy myself. Sometimes I just wanna hang out with friends and take in their every shot.

Bob Havilland.

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2 Responses to We Give You Bob Havilland!!!

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    Nice story, thank you.


  2. debsturat says:



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