We Give You The Harringtons > Bob and Maryann.

While I (Stan) do NOT have a great deal on file re the Harringtons, Earl Ball tells their story.


The Harringtons

Earl Ball Speaks:  I thought I would tell you a story that few of you would be aware of.

Bob Harrington, one of the shuffleboard players from the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club has related a couple of events to me over the last couple of weeks. PIC is of Bob and wife Maryann.

It’s been about three weeks ago now that Bob and a buddy were in Dade City one morning and noticed two young kids eating out of a garbage can. Bob gathered them up, took them into the restaurant, wasted them up and each kid downed two orders of bacon and eggs. One was about six years old and said that was the most food he’s ever had to eat. The people who ran the restraint weren’t too happy with Bob for bringing them into the restaurant, but they didn’t dare challenge Bob; oh, by the way did I mention the kids were black!

Last week at the district tournament held at the Zephyrhills Club he was telling me about a woman and her two kids living in a tent out by the old flea market, do you remember how cold it was. Well he went on to tell me that for the last two days he had bought hamburgers and French fries and taken them to the family.

Late last week he was telling me that he and some of the other shufflers that don’t have family here are going to feed 200 homeless people at Zephyr Park on Christmas day. Today he was telling me about all the donated food he had in his Van for the event.

Ya know what I’m going to do tomorrow; I’m going to go find a way to help. Yes I have commitments, but I’ll find a way!

Some people practice Christmas all the time, some really are heroes; thanks Bob.

Earl Ball Speaking: 2017 12 16.

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4 Responses to We Give You The Harringtons > Bob and Maryann.

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    Thanks Earl for telling us about Bob and Maryann. They are very special people. They probably do much more that we don,t know about.


  2. John Houghtaling says:

    Bob provided Thanksgiving/Christmas meals for those less fortunate for “MANY” years in an effort to help those in need!!!!! The ultimate gift of giving!!!!!!


  3. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you Maryann and Bob. You are real role models.


  4. debsturat says:

    How awful to have kids looking through garbage for food. But if it has to happen, thank God for people like this!


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