I and I’m sure many of you, appreciate our leaders having the courage and the confidence in us to go ahead and start the season.

It was a good decision and we probably owe it to the fact that Ohio and North Carolina had successful seasons following reasonable guidelines and practicing good safety habits. Now each of us has to prove our leaders right. I’m going to do my very best to follow the rules and keep in mind that all it takes is one person to get sick and it’s probably all gone.

Earl Helps Joan With HER Green Jacket!!

I admit I’m trying to keep up with everything that is going on and I’ve forgotten a couple of things. I told my partner, Dave Stoops, we would leave at 6:00. It takes two hours and twenty minutes to get to Lee County (Ft Myers). Dave thought that was a little tight for an 8:30 start; I’d forgotten about the early start, now that I’ve reminded you, you won’t be late.

I believe we are going to have a great season and a lot of good times; I’ll see you on the courts.

Earl 9-28-2020

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  1. John Houghtaling says:

    I am “EXTREMELY hopeful that all who are playing sanctioned events here in Florida this coming season will be “EXTREMELY” vigilant regarding the FSA protocol guidelines as Earl mentions. With all the traveling that will be needed to play events and the fact that we, being in our golden years, makes it all more important than ever to heed the FSA protocols. Lets all look out for one another this coming season and have a great year playing and renewing old friendships!!!!!…

    John Houghtaling, CD President


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