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The CNSA Honours Our Past Presidents i.e. those Preceding Max Tate. Unfortunately some have “left us”.

This most successful event took place in Blackstock, Ontario on May 30th, 2006. It was a two-day event >> it was a WONDERFUL two-day event!!! Each Past President addressed the audience. Go here if you would like to read the … Continue reading

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More to follow > Setting The Stage for the President’s Dinner

SUBJECT:  CNSA PRESIDENT’S DINNER Blackstock, ON IN CONJUNCTION WITH 2ND ANNUAL SPRING FLING.  I see this event as an opportunity for Canadian Shufflers to recognize, to thank, and to pay tribute to the Past Presidents of the CNSA.  This event, … Continue reading

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Sandi Quinn Tells Us A Little About CLAYTON BAKKE.

Sent along by Sandi Quinn in 2007.  CLAYTON BAKKE, (Saskatchewan) has been shuffling for 17 yrs. and has a total of 1220 lifetime pts..  Way to go, Clayton!  He has shuffled many places besides TX, and does not care for … Continue reading

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It’s Earl’s Story!! and He’s “STICKEN” to It!!!!!

See story below!!!

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That’s My Story > AND I’M STICK’N TO IT!!! by Earl Ball.

Yes, there is a story that goes with the hair-do (Rayhawk)! Although it was 12 years ago, I remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday! However, if I get some of the facts tangled up, I’m sure Jim … Continue reading

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CNSA President Jim Corbeil Speaks:

Hi Guys,We are playing shuffleboard in Ingersoll, ON. We are using only 4 rollout courts as we leave more than six feet between the courts. We have players sign up and only 16 players are allowed in at one time. … Continue reading

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We Tell You a Little About Cindy Wood!!

Cindy Wood, No One Tries Harder! Cindy loves shuffleboard and has been a main-stay at the Zephyrhills, Betmar, Club for 10 years playing in League Tournaments, District Tournaments and State Tournaments with consistent success. She qualified as an Instant Pro/State … Continue reading

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Earl Ball Shares An Experience!!

LELAND WELCH A 91-YEAR-OLD 1ST YEAR PRO When’s the last time you drew 91-year-old Pro; I know the answer, Never. Well, I did at the Central District tournament held at Avon Park: what a great experience! I went to the … Continue reading

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We Give You Clarence and Shirley Wright.

IN MEMORY OF CLARENCE AND SHIRLEY WRIGHT The office of President of the FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Association) is demanding, challenging and exciting! A position for a “young man” on his way up!! And if you talk to our new FSA … Continue reading

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We Give You Chuck Stansburge.

CHUCK STANSBURGE – PLAYERCentral East Coast District – Vero Beach I moved to Florida on December 1, 1999. The community of Spanish Lakes Fairways is where I live.  Spanish Lakes Fairways is a very active community with its own Golf … Continue reading

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