We Give You Bob Perkins.

Bob Perkins


A Good Guy Gets Rewarded!

October 2017

 To: Doug Stockman, President, FSA Central District

From: Henry Strong, President, Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club

Geraldine and Henry Strong

Re: Nomination for Hall of Fame Special Award, Central District

I nominate Robert (Bob) Perkins for the CD Hall of Fame Special Award.

Few people have had a more significant impact on the game of shuffleboard in the Central District and in the State of Florida than Bob has had. In 2007, when the Tourist Club in Zephyrhills decided to divest themselves of the shuffleboard facilities, Bob stepped in and purchased the Club. From the beginning, he intended to keep the facilities in the hands of shufflers. With his guidance as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at ZSC, the Club has encouraged shufflers from all over the District to play at some of the best shuffleboard courts in Florida.

With Bob’s encouragement, the Club has directly supported many District and State shuffleboard events, such as FSA Masters, CD Masters and State and District tournaments. We have financially and physically supported other clubs in Zephyrhills and have enthusiastically supported the CD Masters at Lakeland. Bob has encouraged the development of our players who now travel and play in events throughout the District.

Bob donated the Facilities to the members in 2011. He still serves as Chair of the Board and maintains an active interest in the operation of the Club and the performance of its players.  Bob continues to encourage the Directors to support shuffleboard throughout the District. He continues to seek out possible acquisitions to improve the Club’s resources.  

Bob has researched the history of shuffleboard in Zephyrhills and has published the findings in a book to ensure that the knowledge will not be lost. His family roots run deep in Zephyrhills and now through his personal commitment to the Club, they run deep in shuffleboard.

It is difficult to imagine the Central District without the resources of the ZSC Club and it is certain that this Club would have gone by the wayside without the direct support of Bob Perkins. His generosity is unparalleled and his support continues making him, I believe, an outstanding candidate for the Hall of Fame Special Award.

Thank you for your consideration,

Henry Strong

President ZSC

Yesterday, January 6th, the Florida Shuffleboard Association, Central District, Board of Directors elected Bob Perkins to the Hall of Fame in the Special Award Category.  And Bob is special, back in 2007 when the Zephyrhills Tourist Club was in desperate straits He bought the shuffleboard courts and property to save the Club.  The Club was shocked but grateful and went to work immediately to raise money to sustain itself.  It not only sustained itself, it grew like a weed and everyone wanted to help improve the facility to the point that it is currently one of the finest shuffleboard facilities in the World.  Bob was so impressed by the Club’s efforts that he helped them form a Corporation and he gave the Facility to the Club in 2009.  You would be hard pressed to find a more successful Club anywhere. When you get done reading this far and reading his nomination letter from President, Henry Strong, you may be tempted to say that’s fine for Zephyrhills but what did he do for the rest of the Central District?  Well, stop and consider this; would all of those players from Zephyrhills, that make up a good share of all the tournaments be there otherwise?  The answer is no, because the Club is made up of onesies and twosies from many parks and those people wouldn’t have known each other, and had each other for support, so they wouldn’t be traveling.  Many have no park and wouldn’t be playing at all.  So, when you see the many, many travelers from the Zephyrhills area at a tournament, remember who gave them a chance and think about where the tournament would be without them.  Think about the Officers they furnish for the District, the tournaments they have sponsored and the financial help they’ve given other Clubs, or what the condition of many courts would be without the work they do.

Bob Perkins is not only a good guy, but a great man for shuffleboard.

Earl 1-7-2018

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2 Responses to We Give You Bob Perkins.

  1. John Houghtaling says:

    Zephyrhills Shuffle Board Club has been extremely successful because of Bob Perkins’ generosity and those 150 or so members that the club has are some of the hardest working people not only at the club but playing competitive shuffle board around the state of Florida!!!!!


  2. debsturat says:



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