Winning Tips by Earl Ball. Article 24


Stan Bober with Earl

You’ve heard it many times but I don’t agree!  If you go to a draw tournament and draw a known weaker player you better play both ends or your going home.  Play aggressively, do everything you should, and any other thing you might get away with. It doesn’t matter if you feel foolish or look bad it’s your only chance.  If you’re going to a State Tournament or a tournament where you get to bring your own partner and you want to win, then bring the best partner you can get.  Don’t be shy, ask the very best, you don’t know when they will say yes!  You’ve heard the saying “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”, it’s true!

Bye the way if you are going to chase a cover block forward and try to remove your opponents scored disc and you have a choice to use your disc or his, do you know which one to use?  If you’re just trying to get it out, use yours so if you do hit it and it sticks, it’ll be your disc that is now the scored disc.  It you need to get it out and into the kitchen use his disc so if you miss but still get the kitchen because you are shooting kitchen speed he’ll be the one in the kitchen.

Earl Ball 2006 08 19

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  1. debsturat says:

    Good advice. Thank you!


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