We Give You Bobby Sudomir!!!


Ohio State Shuffleboard President Bob Sudomir is no
stranger to winning at Lakeside, having won six previous
national championships there. However, in this summer
of 2009, he wrote his name indelibly in shuffleboard
history by winning ALL THREE Ohio National
Championships –
Men’s Walking Singles, Men’s
Doubles and Mixed Doubles.
First, he defeated Florida’s Earl Ball in the walking
singles. Then, he teamed up with fellow Lakeside
alumnus Chris Cermak to beat Earl Ball and his partner,
Henry Strong, for the men’s doubles championship.
Finally, he teamed up with fellow-Ohioan Sue Krynak to take the National Mixed Doubles at
Toledo’s Jermain Park, defeating the team of Earl Ball and Joan Cook as well as the team of
Henry Strong and Mary Button.
Other champions at Lakeside included Red Rudolph of Texas, who won the Men’s Non-Walking
Singles, defeating Bob Hoyer of Lakeside, OH in a rain-delayed final on Saturday. Landy
Adkins came from behind with good kitchen play in her final against perennial Lakeside
champion Ann Wedel to win her second National Ladies’ Singles Championship at Lakeside.
Ann Wedel and Cecile Messier successfully defended their 2008 National Ladies’ Championship
over Landy Adkins and Joan Cook.
Submitted by Wilma Rudolph. 2009 07 29.

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1 Response to We Give You Bobby Sudomir!!!

  1. debsturat says:

    Wow! Great job! And Jay Fitzpatrick did it too! Skilled players!


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