We Give You Brian Fitzpatrick.

Stan Speaks: We are so glad to have someone from Texas join in our conversation!!  Actually we are not sure Brian lives in TX; only that he winters in the Rio Grande Valley.  Brian’s item of interest is below.  Thank You for sharing Brian.

Good day Stan. I have shuffled since 2008. My winter home is in the Rio
Grande Valley in Texas. Over the years I encountered many interesting
stories and experiences. My most memorable was a tournament game
played at San Benito a few years ago. Texas has some great kitchen
players. Perhaps the most legendary kitchen player is Ed Yauchzee .
Despite being one of the best kitchen players he is a top-notch gentleman.
Anyways this story is short. Ed was playing a very good player and
with one frame left he was down 46 points. When the frame was complete he had his opponent down with 56 points [4 kitchens and two 8 scores].
It was truly a remarkable performance. This is just one story among
many about a great kitchen shuffler.  Brian Fitzpatrick.

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3 Responses to We Give You Brian Fitzpatrick.

  1. debsturat says:



  2. Joan McCurdy says:

    Great story. Thank you.


  3. seliseq1 says:

    Great article on Brian . . a super guy & a lot of fun! Very, very intelligent & always eager to give his opinion, especially on politics. Was never difficult to find him at the TX tournaments of well over 100 players because he towered over everyone & was always smiling. Love you, Brian! Sandi Q.


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