We Give You Bud Walrath.

Stan: I am sorry >> I have no photo of Mr. Olin (Bud) Walrath. 2020 10 04

After 38 years of continuous service, Bud retired from Studebaker Worthington, Inc. where he was an elected Vice President and a Director of Worthington corporation and the Director of Human Resources on the Corporate staff of the Parent company. Alice, mother of four boys and a girl, continues in perennial tasks as homemaker, advisor and life-long companion of Bud.

Retirement brought Bud and Alice to Mesa, Arizona, where for many many years, they have indulged in the game of shuffleboard. Both have taken their share of tournament trophies. Alice has twice represented Arizona on the USA Team in the International Tournaments.

After serving Arizona Shuffleboard Association, Bud as Vice President and President; Alice as a member of the Board of Directors for several years, both were elected to and inducted into the Arizona Hall of Fame in 1993.

Bud and Alice hosted the 1991 International Tournament at Mesa, Arizona and have served as Co-directors of the International Tournaments for the past three years. Bud has also been serving as 2nd Vice President of the International Associa­tion for the past three years and accepted the positions of President and Chairman of the board. ISA on February 2, 1994.

All of the officers and directors of the ISA join in wishing the best of luck to Bud and Alice.

With no warning they were thrown into a difficult situation. Fortunately they have been able to cope very well.

We are all with you 100 percent.

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