When Do You Cover????


The general and antiquated rule for when, and how, to Cover a Good Disc is simply, “Cover your Good Disc when you are Ahead. Place another disc on the Board when you are Behind.”

This rule is better than none, but to make full use of The Modular

System, and to fine-tune your Game, your rule must be more explicit.

Rule:     “Cover your Good Disc off the Board; EXCEPT, when Your Opponent

has the Hammer, and needs one disc to go out — then Cover with a high


•    When you have the Hammer.

•    Covering off the Board is more likely to permit you to Score two


•    When Your Opponent has the Hammer.

•    Covering off the Board is more likely to allow you to keep it.

•    When Your Opponent has the Hammer, and needs one disc for Game.

When Your Opponent needs to Score one disc for Game, you must Cover on

the Board, with a high disc. This may force him to try to kill your

scores, and may keep him from advancing.

The number of Points Your Opponent needs governs where you place your

Cover. If he needs an 8 and you have a 7, you must Cover in the 7 or

place another disc in the 7.

•    Some players say, “When you have a Score, Cover it and keep it.”

•    However, the “Cover it and keep it” rule which was in use before the

development of The Modular System, does not recognize the subtle effect

of Module Relationships that The Modular System now reveals.

•    Because you use the Module Relationship to determine the actual value

of a Good Disc, you have more flexibility in the selection of your

Play, than the “Cover it and keep it rule” allows.

•    For example, your Scored Disc has three degrees of value.

•    If it will not advance you to a higher Module it is valuable only

because it influences Your Opponent’s use of his discs.

•    If you are Ahead, and it will advance you to a higher Module although

you do not really need it, it is valuable and desirable.

•    If you are Behind, and you need it to get Ahead, it is very valuable.

•    Before you can decide where to place your Cover you have to answer

the following questions.

Who has the Hammer?

How does he Drift?

How many discs does he have?

How many discs do I have


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3 Responses to When Do You Cover????

  1. debsturat says:

    Not real clear on “Covering off the Board” means….


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