Florida’s 1st (2020-2021) Tournament under Pandemic Protocols by Earl Ball.

The Florida Shuffleboard Association opened its season on time in Ft Myers at the Lee County Courts. There were lots of people working hard and following the FSA established protocols. There were a few reminders to start with but everyone tried hard, on a hot humid, day to make the tournament a success. 15 mens teams and 8 womens teams were pre-registered requiring use of 11 of the 12 available courts. I heard many players express gratitude that the season could open and were very hopeful the season would be a success.

On a personal note my partner and I lost the 1st match 2 games to 1 to the eventual Tournament Champions; I had several chances to win the 1st game of the match on the wrong color. Had I not failed maybe we would have been Champions. We lost the 1/4s to the Consolation Champions 2 games to 1. The most important thing is that the season is off to a successful start and everyone is trying to cooperate in everyone’s best interest.

Earl 10-7-2020

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3 Responses to Florida’s 1st (2020-2021) Tournament under Pandemic Protocols by Earl Ball.

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Great work Earl. Remember what I always preached. Every time someone beats a legend the likes of Earl Ball they became so motivated that they tell so many people about their feat that they become great advertising to brings in new players to our beloved sport. Way to go !

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    • Earl Ball says:

      Doesn’t feel that good!


      • Michael says:

        Just think of how happy the victors were. Temporary as it most likely will be. As you know tomorrow is another day and you most certainly will have your chance to overtake them and settle the score in the future. Chalk that loss up as One for the Gipper. smile


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