We Give You Carl Rogerson.

Carl Rogerson started to play early 1990’s.  Won 1st trophy in 1994.

Carl Rogerson

Carl is currently the Serving President of the (OSA) Ontario Shuffleboard Association.

Played mostly in parks and Port Ritchie, Florida.  When Port Ritchie closed I began to play in Clearwater, Florida.

I made PRO status in 2007 and continue to play at that level.

Starting 2011 it was my privilege to assist in a teaching program in Clearwater and Holiday Travel Park.  Great to meet and work with new people that are interested in shuffleboard.

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3 Responses to We Give You Carl Rogerson.

  1. debsturat says:

    Love the mustache!


  2. Glen Peltier says:

    Carl has been teaching with me in Clearwater for 12 years. The students love him. He is an amazing man and i consider him my friend.


  3. Earl Ball says:

    One of my favorite people!


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