FSA’s Central District Breaks Ground with 1st Tournament by Earl Ball.

The Florida, Central District, opened their season at Lakeland with an Amateur Draw and a Pro Draw. The tournaments benefited greatly from close proximity to the Shuffleboard Capital of the World, Zephyrhills. In the Amateur Division 8 0f the 14 players were from the Zephyrhills Clubs and Dave Stoops, ZSC and Neil Pearcy, Betmar won the Championship but it wasn’t easy; They had lost the 1st game of the finals to Rae Schneider, ZSC, and Ginger Bauman, Lakeland, and it wasn’t close. The really bad news was that after about a half dozen frames of the 2nd game, they were down 55 points; they mounted a huge comeback and won the game and carried over the momentum to the 3rd game and won going away.

Earl Ball (Betmar, CTL)

The Pro Division featured 18 of the 30 entries from the Zephyrhills Clubs and Marie Collette, St Cloud drew Earl Ball, Betmar, and then she went out and played up a storm winning her 1st Pro Championship as they overcame Chuck Moulton, ZSC, and Joan Cook, Betmar. They won the 1st game by one disc and then the 2nd game came down to a tie with Marie having the hammer from the foot and the nerves really set in, the game got away but she wasn’t about to let the Championship get away. She played her best in the last game and it was not close, she had brought the Championship home, to St Cloud!

I thought the players and Tournament Director, Jeanette Harvey, did a fine job in following the protocols and being reasonable for two hot, humid days. The Tournament was a huge success!

Earl Ball 10-9-2020 (See RESULTS by Glenn Monroe >> below, i.e. next article) Thanks to both Glenn and Earl. Stan

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