Many of our regular readers will remember Charles from a series of articles The Shuffler posted from his Shotmaking Books. These articles were posted in 2004. 

Charles Garrett

His latest paper deals with an analysis he just completed concerning requirements to enter the AZ Player Hall of Fame. We believe that the article will appeal to many of our readers, especially those from Arizona.  Charles proposes an answer to these questions: “How does one fairly compare the records of shufflers from different Districts who compete in tournaments differing greatly in the number of players competing, the number of tournaments available in a practical sense, the quality of the fields in these tournaments, and other differences such as the length of a typical game, e.g., 12 versus 16 frame games?”

His analysis goes a long way in resolving these issues, at least for AZ. We thought we would begin by telling you something about Charles   Stan of The Shuffler. 2009-04-15. 

Charles K. Garrett, ASA District II, Tucson, AZ, has been a scientist/analyst all his adult life and received his Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1970.  His working career was spent mainly on conducting studies on a broad range of defense issues and some part-time teaching of college physics and chemistry.  In retirement, he has continued his analytical work by addressing such diverse subjects as shuffleboard shotmaking (two books), Tucson groundwater quality, his family tree dating back to year 870, and US Social Security.  He has shuffled in Arizona since 1999, is currently qualified for the player category ASA Hall of Fame, has served in many ASA district and state capacities, and will be on the ASA Hall of Fame Committee for 2009-2010.

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1 Response to We Give You CHARLES K. GARRETT of TUCSON, AZ >> DISTRICT II.

  1. debsturat says:

    Searched for “shuffleboard shotmaking (two books),” — Wondering if still in print. Thank you!


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