A Historical Good Read!!

Rob Robinson, Stan and Lois McCormack

Something for you to read during the Canadian Thanksgiving Break!!  Check It Out!! >> Long but Good Read!!!

The Complete Set of Articles from the “Page” ISA Mesa, Arizona . Copied and Pasted to this page on 2004 04 19. stan

Ron Williams (CA) vs Charles Garrett (US)

The “Prime Event” resulted in many great matches ~~ one of the better was between Ron Williams of Canada and Charles Garrett of America. The match took place on the last day of the Games and at a time when the US and CA where “neck and neck”!! At the end of the 16th frame game, it was all tied up. Each player will now have a hammer to break the tie. 12 frames later the tie was broken!! Here is how it happened. Ron, who did not have the hammer, had been able to cover an “eight” early in the frame. Although Charles removed the “cover” twice, Ron replaced it each time. On the last disc for Charles, his hammer shot, he is facing a well protected “eight”. The indicated shot ~~ shoot for an 8 on his side in order to again tie the game; the ten was not open, it was blocked by Ron’s cover disc. Charles last disc stops not in the 8, rather in the 7. Ron wins the match for Canada by just 1 point!! A great match!!
Reporter Stan of THE SHUFLER. 2004-03-29

Reflections on the ISA (Mesa)
Games! “Hats Off” to All!!

The 23rd ISA “Games” are concluded. The American Women’s Team ended the event with the greatest number of wins, as did the Canadian Men for their event. THE SHUFFLER salutes both teams. In the Men’s division it was neck and neck throughout the event. The lead changed at least once and was so close at the beginning of the last day of the competition that THE SHUFFLER did not call the winner. The American women dominated their event from Day 1, and on the morning of the last day, they had a perfect record on the penultimate round of play! Captain Mary Clayton was of course very proud and called this the “grand slam” of shuffling! This 23rd event saw some innovative ideas introduced. We had a “United Nations Team”, a team compromised of 2 Australians, 4 Japanese, and 6 Brazilian Players. Special mention to the Brazilian Team. They, in conjunction with the Japanese Men and the 2 Australians, had a very strong tournament. Similarly, the Japanese women had a very strong tournament. My reading of the success of this Team was positive. Further, I believe that all who participated saw this as a positive innovation. Without it we would have had one less Men’s Team and of course less National participation. This idea should be carried forward to succeeding ISA Events. The “Singles” tournament attracted a great deal of attention as indicated by the # of players participating ~~ 212. The prize money, circa $7,000 was also an incentive in this event. To the extent that it provided an opportunity for shufflers to participate, it was a success. On a higher level, it is my personal opinion, and one heard frequently during the event, that it should not have taken place at the same location as the “Primary Event”. For those who may not know, as a result of the Singles Tournament, the Primary event was played at two different locations. As I have stated in another article, this detracted from the camaraderie, from the normal exchange between participants, and was in fact the cause of some serious friction near the end of the tournament. Should the ISA, in their wisdom, decide on carrying on with the SINGLES event, THE SHUFFLER does hope they will be cognizant of the difficulties as well as the obvious benefits. The members of the ISA Board worked diligently to make this event the success which it was. They can be justifiably proud of their success!! Submitted as an “opinion” by Stanistheman!! 2004 03 24.

Hello From The Final Day of the ISA! We Call a Winner in the Women’s Event! Too Close To Call in the Men’s Event!

It is 04:30 in the morning on the final day of the Tournament as I begin to write this story. No I do not normally rise at this time but yesterday was not only an exciting day on the Courts ~~ have you checked the results?; it was also a night of entertainment at the Rockin R Ranch. Let’s saddle up and go to the Ranch first! It is a western theme dinner/entertainment operation in the heart of Mesa. A good deal of “story tellin” takes place, some fine “fiddlin”, and good wholesome “singin”; all followed by a western “shoot-out” in the large courtyard. The vitals were quite acceptable and I believe that a good time was had by all who attended. We do have some pix for you!!
To the Courts: In the Women’s Event, while the Canadian and Japanese Women have both provided great competition for the Americans, the American team has had the edge since the tournament began. They have performed well throughout the event and deserve the position they have earned and that readers, will be 1st Place!! THE SHUFFLER SALUTES THE AMERICAN WOMEN’S TEAM!! (Just in case you wish to check just who was on that winning team, we have their photo up!! Check it out.)
Before we move to the Battle Between the Old Rivals, Canada and the US, we should say a word about the “United Nations” Team. As the record indicates they have performed well. A game with one of their players is not a “gimmie”, not by any means. In fact when I played one of them yesterday, he said to me: “If Canada wins this tournament, they can thank us, we have done very well against the Americans!!” He could have added, against the Canadians as well ~~ He went on to beat me in the match!! (Remember, the UN team is composed of 6 from Brazil, 2 from Australia and 4 from Japan.) As we head to the Courts this morning for the final two rounds of play, the lead of the Canadian Men is tenuous to say the least. The lead in this tournament could very well change during the eight o-clock round and again during the ten o-clock round. It is that close!! Just to ensure that our readers receive the News first, I will submit a report to the website following the eight o-clock round. That will be at 10:00 hrs local; noon in Florida! Hope you enjoy!! The Banquet and closing ceremony both take place this evening ~~ stay tuned!! Stanistheman! 2004-03-20.



During the winter of 2003, THE SHUFFLER conducted a poll for a period of one month. The question asked on the website was: “How often should the International Tournament be held”? While THE SHUFFLER makes no claim that our poll is accurate within “x% points 9 times out of ten”,
29% of the voters voted in favour of leaving it as is while 71% voted in favour of holding the tournament every 2 years. No one voted for every 3 years!
It may be time to discuss the frequency of the tournaments in light of what has happened this year!! No doubt for very good reason, two ISA tournaments were scheduled in an eight month period in calendar years 2002-2003. Given that all Shufflers agree that the enjoyment of the event is enriched by the participation of an “international mix” of teams, and given that this requires a significant expenditure of funds for travel, THE SHUFFLER is of the opinion that the ISA Executive must carefully review this matter. What is the long-term impact?? America has done more than any country to promote this sport! The ISA Executive must now consider the wisdom of continuing with the annual event. Given that America is most often the host, the heavy travel costs are transferred to the “other nations”!! One option to overcome that would be to hold the ISA Tournament, whenever possible, outside of the United States!! Shuffling is well established in the U.S.!! Promotional benefits would accrue from increased tournaments abroad!! Do we, all shufflers, want to extend our sport to Brazil, to Australia, to Ireland, to Denmark and beyond!!! Is there any better way than helping those Nations host a tournament???
We at THE SHUFFLER hope to stimulate our readers, but especially, we hope to stimulate our Leadership!! Leadership is not doing what is popular, it is often the opposite. Leadership is doing what is best for the Organization. The Organization in this case is The Sport of Shuffling!!

NOTE: This article first appeared in THE SHUFFLER during the summer of 2003. It is my understanding that tournament frequency was discussed at the ISA Board (closed) Meeting in Mesa. HOWEVER; when THE SHUFFLER asked the specific question during the General (open meeting) “Did the Board address the issue of frequency of ISA Events?”; the response received was guarded and vague to say the least. THE SHUFFLER is of the opinion that frequency must be addressed first, the issue must be addressed squarely ~~ having regard for the long-term interest of International Shuffling. We do hope that each Member Nation will be contacted, will be asked to submit their position on this matter ~~ providing reasons for their decision. The opportunity now exists, specifically, as each nation is consulted with regard to sending a team to Brazil, the question of greater significance should also be asked, that of frequency. Each nation should be requested to set down their position regarding the frequency of ISA Tournaments, c/w reasons, and submit to the Secretary of the ISA with a carbon copy to all other nations ~~ both Presidents and Secretaries. To permit proper planning for the next host nation, this should be completed not later than May 15th of 2004. THE SHUFFLER IS ANXIOUS TO SEE THIS ISSUE RESOLVED, WE DO NOT SUPPORT EITHER POSITION!! Stanistheman 2004 03 19

Brazil has extended an invitation to member nations of the ISA to host the next ISA Event. THE SHUFFLER thought it would be appropriate to “dust off” an article we posted shortly after the Brazil Inaugural of 2002. We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the participation of the Brazilians in the event in Mesa, AND to give them our vote as THE MOST IMPROVED SHUFFLERS AT THE EVENT!! Stanistheman 2004 03 18.

In March of 2002 a contingent of American and Canadian Shufflers participated in the “Brazil Inaugural”! To say that all had a “great time” would be an understatement!! Our hosts, the Brazilian Shufflers, could not have made us felt any more welcome!! To experience other cultures is normally desirable-to experience the culture of Brazil was something we shall not forget!! The cuisine, beginning with a buffet breakfast of infinite variety, could only be described as delectable-served every day in our hotel with the option of eating in or on a sun drenched patio!!
We were transported to the site of “daily play” and compete we did. Daily play was interrupted to enjoy lunch, served by our hosts, again in comfortable surroundings complete with patio along with the option of a “cool one” for those so inclined!! Back to daily play after lunch. Michael & Luiz (Michael Zellner, President,& Dr Luiz Pimentel, Vice President) normally had dinner planned in conjunction with an event! This added to the fond memories for us all!! At this point I would like to acknowledge the excellent organization of this entire trip. It began in America-John Barnett, Sam Allen, and no doubt others, it carried on in Brazil! Michael and Luiz also assisted by others, had obviously given a great deal of thought to our comfort and enjoyment!! All of us who participated say: Thank-you!!
Back to THE MEMORIES! Our “Tour Day” around the many highlights of Rio was great–that in itself is the subject of “another story”!! The wind-up awards banquet best typified the spirit of good will of our week! We had music; we had dancing girls; we had shufflers dancing with the dancing girls; WE HAD FUN! All of these activities were professionally woven into our evening which by the way included another fine dinner!! Who said that you have to go to Paris to have a world class dinner??? Shufflers; I believe that it is this type of activity, the social intercourse between and among nations, which makes our Sport the wonderful and rewarding activity that it has become.
Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER.

“THE SHUFFLER” is pleased to pass along this greeting from VP Crowder to all participants of the events in Mesa, Arizona.”

The Shuffler:

Today’ the big opening day for the International and the first with a really International flavour having a United Nations Team participating for the first time. I’m pleased that Ian Reiher and Marj Govett were able to make it, would you please give them
our best wishes and hope they do well and enjoy being at the tournament.

Louise and I hope that everything goes well and will be interested in following the progress of the United Nations team.

Malcolm and Louise Crowder – Gold Coast. Austalia.

Day 3 From the ISA in MESA, ARIZONA!!

Hot is the operative word to-day, and this time I am not talking about the shots the players are executing!! My Japanese opponent gave me a small thermometer as the “exchange gift”. We thought we would set it directly in the sun as that is precisely where we were sitting. The needle went buried itself, off the scale. The scale ended at 50 degrees Celsius, (122F) That would be the temp of our exposed skin. We set the thermometer in the shade and it went to a cool 36 degrees Celsius, (96F). Just think: How many of us would have absolutely refused to work in conditions such as these when we were much younger?? Who said we gain wisdom with age??? None of the courts are covered in Arizona and while some clubs offer limited protection at the ends, there is absolutely none at Monte Vista and almost none at Los Palmas Grand!! One 16 frame game takes about 2 hours to play~~some days you play 3 games, some days 2. At the risk of sounding like this is my day to complain, I continue. Most of the courts at Monte Vista have a high centre and are noticeably faster than the courts at Los Palmas Grand. Additionally, the courts at the Grand, on balance, are more even, which results in the discs running truer. Indeed, it is possible to put up a St Petes or a Tampa at the Grand!! I urge the ISA Organization to note this, to remember this and hopefully to learn from this. It is apparent to me that the Grand by reason of having courts not significantly dissimilar from either Florida or Arizona or Texas, as I interpret the reaction and results from the Texas and Florida players, should have been the single location utilized for International Play. To reinforce the point; if the host organization has courts which are at least similar to those used by participating States and Nations, an all out effort should be made to utilize those courts. The term “level playing field” comes to mind. In fact the International Players were not only scheduled on both Monte Vista and Los Palmas Grand Courts, they were scheduled in such a way as to split the Men’s International Teams from the Women’s. This detracted significantly from the camaraderie, from the normal personal relationships that result when the event is held in one location.
This observation is not intended as criticism but rather as a message to the ISA Executive, something to consider as they negotiate with a potential host for future tournaments. (I fully recognize that finding a facility outside of North America, capable of accommodating the entire tournament, may not be possible. It is however; possible within North America) Reporter Stan 2004-03-17 (On location)


2004 03 09 – Reporter Stan sat down to talk with Tom at the NSA Singles in Mesa, AZ. Tom is accompanied by his wife Nan. As the headline indicates, Tom is playing for the “United Nations” Team. This team will be made up of 6 male players from Brazil, 4 male players from Japan, two Australians and possibly one player from England. THE SHUFFLER began by asking Tom to respond to a question related to the participation of Australia. Tom responded: “It is the same story as in most other countries,~~ when you first float the idea of having an international team play ~~ when the idea is first floated, lots of members indicate their desire to go along. However; as time draws closer, the numbers tend to dwindle. We never really did have the numbers for a full team.” THE SHUFFLER: Do you think in the foreseeable future that the interest in Australia will support a full team, or would you like to suggest an alternative which may attract the necessary interest. Tom: “Quite honestly, I cannot see in the next 4 or 5 years, Australia raising a full team. I think this United Nations idea is a great idea, and if you cannot raise a full Men’s team, thinking of Brazil and Australia, perhaps you could field a southern hemisphere team, that may be an idea ~~ I think that would give our players the opportunity to compete with world class, top class players. You don’t get that opportunity in Australia. You might also stimulate interest if some of us come over here and manage to do something, to perform well ~~ unfortunately I cannot see that happening just now.” THE SHUFFLER would like to thank Tom for sharing his views with us. We wish the Australian contingent well during the tournament and do hope they enjoy their stay with us. The other Australian member of the United Nations team is Ian Reiher. The photo in the margin is of the Australian Contingent ~~ from left to right: Ian Reiher, Marj Govett, Nan Marling and Tom Marling. Marj and Nan are competing in the International Singles Tournament. Reporter Stan 2004 03 15.
OFFICIAL OPENING 09:00 Monday, March 15, 2004; LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

I should probably offer a brief explanation of team participation in this 23rd ISA Meet. I will speak first about the MEN’S EVENT. Both the Americans and the Canadians have a full compliment of players. The Canadians do not however have team captains in the normal sense. Rather, two players have been identified as team captains. John Weston who was the team captain has taken the place of a Canadian player who withdrew at the last minute. There will be 3 teams only in what THE SHUFFLER has been calling THE PRIMARY EVENT, that is the event as it has been traditionally. The Canadian Team, the American Team, and the United Nations Team. The United Nations Team is compromised of 4 players from Japan, 6 from Brazil and 2 from Australia. In the Women’s Division we have full teams from Canada, America, and Japan.
IN ADDITION TO, and taking place at the same time, we have “THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL SINGLES” TOURNAMENT. 212 players have registered for this event. They have team T-Shirts, and caps. In many ways they are indistinguishable from the “primary event players”. One significant difference is that they are competing for approximately $7,000 in prize money while the “primary players” are competing for “pride of country”!! The combined groups made for a significant audience at the opening this morning. In attendance were both the Mayor of Mesa and the Mayor of Apache Junction. An orchestra played the national anthems of each country and the flag of that nation was presented during the playing. For many it was a stirring and emotional part of the programme. Team meetings followed the opening thus providing an opportunity to discuss strategy. ACTION ON THE COURTS BEGINS AT 13:00 hrs. Stay tuned; we will report both on Wins for the day by Nation and a “special late night edition” report on our “Get Acquainted Party”!!
Re the party: A very enjoyable dinner; good company and entertainment from Mexico ~~ a young dance group lightened our spirits and ended what was a very full day. THE RESULTS: Let’s see just where and how Alf is going to post them!!

These remarks from retiring ISA President, Buck Buchannan, as he hands the “torch” to Incoming President Messier!!

“It has been a great trip! Nobody knows what it is like to go to an International and end up as President. However; I have not regretted a moment of it! I lost many nights sleep trying to do my best and I hope I did just that. With Joe Messier at the helm, I know the organization will do just fine. Joe has a lot of new ideas and that is what we need. That is why I felt it is time for a change and I know that all the officers of the ISA will move forward with strength, giving Joe complete support. Kay and I wish Joe and Cecile the best and I will give a hand whenever needed. Thank You and good luck to all. Buck & Kay”
The above remarks were a part of “A Tribute to Buck and Kay” that THE SHUFFLER posted upon receiving the news that they were leaving the offices of President and Secretary of the ISA. We now have a new President, and a new Secretary, Joe and Cecile Messier. This will be their 1st International in this capacity but they are “old hands” when it comes to their involvement with the Organization. I had the opportunity to sit down with Joe and the topic of our discussion soon turned to shuffling. Challenges and opportunities face the ISA. I expect that the subject of how best to deal with these will receive high priority during the ISA Meetings schedulled for Mesa during the tournament. It soon became evident during our conversation that Joe has given careful thought to both “challenges” and “opportunities”, while at the same time recognizing the absolute need for a consensus among the ISA Member States. The Shuffler looks forward with anticipation to the outcome. If the representatives from Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan and the USA have given equal attention to the matters before them, the decisions off the court may match or exceede those we make on the courts!! From THE SHUFFLER TO THE ENTIRE BOARD; the very best in your deliberations. 2004 03 13


THE SHUFFLER invited Incoming President Joe Messier to sit down with us in order that we may have some appreciation of how he will approach the responsibilities of the office. We do hope that you find something in it for you. We began by suggesting to Joe that the International was at a Watershed, that these are critical times for this organization. President Joe responds: “As the President I do not set the policies of the organization. The president of each country sets the policy, by motions, by a debate, and finally by a vote. I execute the policies of the organization ~~ I am responsible to the presidents of each country.” THE SHUFFLER: “Having said that Joe, it seems to me that this is a very critical time to be president, I would think the President has some responsibility to lead in the establishment of policies.” The President: “When I talk to the heads of the countries, they bring to me their problems and I try to work with them to resolve these problems. We have 2 countries that have problems with respect to membership due to internal problems.” THE SHUFFLER: That is something which you cannot become involved in, and really, you don’t wish to be involved. The President: “That question is just ~~just ~~ We would like each country to take care of their own affairs ~~ but they must take care of them within the rules of our organization. It may be that we should change some of our existing rules that would accommodate more people. This is something I can present to the Presidents and if they wish to amend the way we do business, we can do it.” THE SHUFFLER: From that explanation, I think I know where you are going. Are you thinking of expanding the concept of the “United Nations” team? It is possible that the interest and enthusiasm generated by this concept may be the way of future tournaments. Is it possible that in the future, the Southern Hemisphere may play the Northern Hemisphere, and perhaps Europe would have a team? President Joe: “That is not possible with our present rules, as they exist. As the structure is, you must have at least 8 members from the Country, a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 13.” THE SHUFFLER: Neither Brazil nor Australia met that criterion, so to make it possible for their participation, you moved to this “UN” concept? The President: “Key people in the Japanese Team, the Mens Team, had serious illness and for that reason, they will only have 4 Men, I think it is. We believe that the Women will have 11 Team Members.” THE SHUFFLER: The Shuffler conducted a poll to determine if those responding favoured a tournament every year, every other year or every three years. Can you tell me if you will be addressing that question at your Board Meeting? The President: “Yes, Sunday at the Board of Directors Meeting, which includes the Heads and their delegates. Their input will determine what happens in the future. We’re going to take their input. I will name a committee ~~ probably 3 people. The committee will communicate immediately after this week is over. When the committee concludes its work, they will advise me and I will communicate their recommendations to all the Countries and wait for their reply before making any decision.” THE SHUFFLER: So you will strike the committee , the Committee will of course listen to the recommendations of the general membership meeting, they will convene at the end of the week for their 1st meeting and go from there? President Joe: “A General Meeting, You see I just became President in July. I could never understand what this general meeting is all about. You see, as the ISA is now structured, there are no members in the normal sense. We have Nations as Members, the head of each country and two delegates are the only members. That is the way it is now ~~ perhaps we need to change the structure.” THE SHUFFLER: Perhaps the General Membership Meeting, having regard for your comments about “members”, perhaps the general meeting should occur prior to the Board Meeting to provide information/advice to the Board. President: “The President and the Delegates from each Country should bring the desires, the mood of their respective country to the Board Meeting. This is their responsibility. This is what they are supposed to do, to get the views of their membership. Two nations will not have their Presidents here, however; their delegates are expected to have the views of the Country they represent.” THE SHUFFLER: In closing, is there one thing you would like to add. President: “Each country come with a full compliment of members and then I would have no job at all. My job is to help Member Countries do what is good for the promotion of shuffling in their Country. The ISA does have material available which may be useful. I am in discussion with Tom Marling of Australia in this regard.” THE SHUFFLER: Last Question: Have you had any requests from other Nations to host the next ISA Tournament, be it next year or sometime in the future? President: “There have been discussion with Canada for the year 2006. There had been some discussion about bringing the tournament to Fort Myers. However; I would not bring a tournament to Fort Myers just to have Canada play the United States. We want people outside of these two countries competing. I can only add that I am hopeful” THE SHUFFLER: Thank you for taking the time to meet with us. I believe that the approach you have planned is reasonable, and that the organization will be well served by your leadership. Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER. 2004 03 14

Sunday in Mesa, AZ. Practise Begins!
Hustle and Bustle Mixed With Confusion,
And the Joy of Renewing Old Friendships!

The courts filled early as the participants took to the courts to determine the drift or lack thereof. Some complained that the courts were too slow, others that they were exceedingly fast ~~ just about par for the course anywhere shufflers get together. Some willing workers were pressed into making up the packages for the Single Players, a task that began at 08:30 and ended only at lunch!! Thanks to those who pitched in.
Monies were being collected, team meetings taking place and orders taken for special merchandise. On the personnel side; in some cases team players met each other for the very first time while in other situations friendships had been an ongoing for more than a decade. We had an opportunity to speak with the On Court Officials, at least at Las Palmas Grand. Corresponding officials will be in place at Monte Vista Village Resort which is the co-location site. The co-tournament directors are: Carl Knefler at Las Palmas Grand and Dick Sternburg ( no photo at this time) at Monte Vista. Jack Sell is the Head Referee at Las Palmas Grand. Margaret Knefler is the Head Score Keeper. Margaret ensures score keepers are available, and also maintains the records of wins and losses. We have posted their photos in the margin ~~ Carl at the top, followed by Jack and Margaret. Also included is a shot of the Courts from a distance: Note the colourful flags and the sumptuous surroundings of the event. The chosen location is absolutely First Class. Luxury and comfort abound on the inside ~~ so much so that we may find the shufflers spending a portion of their time away from the action on the courts. Tomorrow morning at 09:00, we experience the pomp and ceremony of the Official Opening. Stay tuned, THE SHUFFLER WILL HAVE A REPORT C/W PIX!! Reporter Stan 2004-03-14.

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3 Responses to An Historical “Good Read”, Check It Out!! From 2004. All By Stan 2018 11 22

  1. Michael Zellner says: Stan, An outstanding walk back in time. Love these trips down memory lane. Many of the great shufflers from around the world who participated in these events are no longer with us. Sometimes we need to remind others: The Way we Were”. I was proud to have worked alongside my special friend Dr. Luiz Pimentel and together we brought a Brazilian Delegation to those all of those early year international championships from 1996 onward and even more proud to host TWO super successful international shuffleboard events in Brazil: The 2002 Inaugural and the 2005 ISA World Championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Liked by you
  2. stanistheman says:2018-11-22 at 22:40 (Edit)Michael: Shufflers can count on you to comment in such a way, to attract attention; to bring MEANING to significant milestones in our Shuffleboard Adventure. I participated in both events you have highlighted. I enjoyed them immensely!! BRAZIL DID A GREAT JOB!! YOU DID A GREAT JOB!! StanLikeReply

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3 Responses to A Historical Good Read!!

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    The two events in Brazil were the bestes of best for me. I had a great time at both!!


  2. Earl A Ball says:

    Stan I just noticed the photo of you and Lois being inducted into the USA NATIONAL HALL OF FAME by Robby. Among the most deserving in the history of Shuffleboard.

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  3. stanistheman says:

    Your Too Kind Earl.


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