Glen Peltier Shares Relevant Info. Re Chris Stutzmann.

Glen Peltier Speaks re Chris Stutzmann.  I worked with Chris on many projects in Ontario. He started the Ontario shuffleboard ass. on his very own. When I was president of the CNSA (Canadian National Shuffleboard Assn). Chris was my secretary-treasurer. When we started the Chatham building, he brought the templets from Toronto to stripe our courts. Chris always knew how to get things done. Chris had health problems but never complained. Both Chris and his wife Anna, along with Anna’s Mother, were captured by the Russians during WW2. They were all lucky to have survived and to come to Canada. Anna also become a particularly good shuffler, which she never expected to do.

I always considered myself lucky to be Chris’s friend. I was proud when he asked me to induct him into the FSA Hall Of Fame.

NOTE FROM STAN: Glen has appropriately left this comment in the “COMMENTS” section below the article, above, We Give You Chris Stutzmann. I have POSTED it here for two reasons. ONE; this significant comment by Glen adds a good deal to the article. The 2nd reason: Too many readers fail to click on the Comment Section which follows every article. This type of personal comment often appears!! I suggest you check this section after every read of the POSTED articles. Stan

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