We Give You Chris Stutzmann.

CHRIS STUTZMANN. (Sorry; No Picture)

CHRIS STUTZMANN’s first contact with shuffleboard was in 1982. He made State
Amateur in the 1983-84 season. In the next season, 1984-85, he made Instant Pro in
Gulfport, winning the Doubles Tournament. He placed in 41 tournaments to accumulate
200 points toward the FSA Hall of Fame (in the 1995-96 season) which is an average of
4.8 points per tournament. Out of that 200 points, almost half (98) are in Singles. Out of
the 41 tournaments, he placed first in more than 1/3 of them – 16 times. In the 41
tournaments, he placed 12 times in Singles, half of them firsts (6). In the 29 doubles
tournaments, he played with 17 different partners, three of them ladies. He won the U.S.
National Singles Championship in 1991 in St. Petersburg, the Tournament of
Champions twice in a row (1993 & 1994). Chris played three times in the Florida
Masters, and played three times in the International. Chris served 2 years as Vice President of the West Coast District. In 1984, he organized the Ontario Shuffleboard
Association and stayed 10 years as its President.
Congratulations, Chris Stutzmann, on your induction into the FSA Hall of Fame, Players, in 1997!

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1 Response to We Give You Chris Stutzmann.

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    I worked with Chris on many projects in Ontario. He started the Ontario shuffleboard ass. on his very own. When i was president of the Can. Shuffleboard ass. he was my secretary treasurer. When we started the Chatham building, he brought the templets from Toronto to stripe our courts. Chris always knew how to get things done. Chris had health problems but never complained. Both Chris and his wife Anna along with Anna,s Mother were captured by the Russions in WW2. They were all lucky to of survived and to come to Canada. Anna also become a very good shuffler which she never expected to do. I always considered myself lucky to be Chris,s friend. I was proud when he asked me to introduce hin into the Florida Hall Of Fame.


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