Interesting Information from Stu and Mary Rose Cassell.

Stan speaks: This is utterly amazing what Stu and Rose have been able to accomplish!!! Make sure your sound is ON. You will think you are actually in their basement!!

I hope all is well with you and your family.  Some of the members of the St. Louis Shuffleboard Club have been playing at a local park.  During this pandemic, Rose and I prefer to play in our homemade court.  I used painters tape to create a court in our unfinished basement.  This morning I was experimenting with split-screen editing and made this “highlight reel” of the 2 of us playing in the basement.  The left side is a little rough – didn’t have 2 good cameras set up, but I did figure out how to do the split-screen.  The first soundtrack is an homage to Glen Peltier.  He used “Shuffle Off To Buffalo” on his Shuffleboard Strategy DVD.

Stu Cassell

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1 Response to Interesting Information from Stu and Mary Rose Cassell.

  1. debsturat says:

    Great video! Even said “oh no” when you put her in the kitchen!


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