We Tell You A Little about Glenda Brake!!!

Glenda Brake, FSA HOF Induction Thank You, Jan 14 2019

Glenda, Henry Strong, and Clar Brake.

Thank you, Henry for your kind words.  At my table, I have Henry and Geraldine Strong, Glenna and David Earl and, Katy and Lyle Walker.  Thank you for your support in coming to this event.  Thank you also to ……from our Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club for being here as well. 

Thank you to Clearwater for preparing such a fantastic Hall of Fame Induction.  Thank you to the FSA for all its work and support in shuffleboard. To all who congratulated me by word and note a sincere thank you.  Thank you to my husband, Clar for being my greatest supporter. 

I like being busy and so it sure was a lot of fun to get to this point.  It was a lot of travelling and often driving myself.  Thank you to Glenna and David Earle for offering to take me to far away tournaments I knew nothing about.

I would like to thank all my different partners who worked so hard with me to place in each tournament.  I would not have made it without you.  I especially would like to thank Henry Strong who took me on as his protégé.  Henry had the confidence in me and took me on as an amateur partner in District No 2 Pros tournaments.  I like the constructive on my continuous learning curve.  Also, thanks for playing with me in State and District Pro Mixed Doubles.   

It is not only about shuffleboard.  It is about the people.  I have met so many wonderful people and made so many great friends.  Thank you all!!!!

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2 Responses to We Tell You A Little about Glenda Brake!!!

  1. Glenda Brake says:

    Stan, thank you for sending a note about me. Hope you will continue to do well during the pandemic. It is good to see that you are keeping busy!


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