Earl Ball Shares An Experience!!


Avon Park, FL.

When’s the last time you drew 91-year-old Pro; I know the answer, Never.

Well, I did at the Central District tournament held at Avon Park: what a great experience! I went to the court and introduced myself and Leland told me he was 91 and a 1st year Pro playing his 1st Tournament as a Pro. I told him to enjoy the experience and we would have fun; what an understatement! We played the 1st match and I knew I had something special in my Partner. We went three hard-fought games and ended in a tie, so we went 4 extra frames and couldn’t quite pull out victory, although I must say we would have won in regulation had my Partners Partner not chased a disc in regulation. We played two more matches and won them both with Leland leading the way. Fun was an understatement; it was a great time for both of us! I had to stop Leland from leaving without his prize money, he told me at his age he only played for his fun, I hope he has many more fun times, I’d love to draw him again.

Earl Ball 10-17-2020

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6 Responses to Earl Ball Shares An Experience!!

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you. A lovely story to start the day.


  2. Glenna Earle says:

    Love this story. Good job Earl.


  3. debsturat says:

    Hope we are all still playing at 91 !!! Great story!


  4. John Houghtaling says:

    Just another reason why shuffle board is a great game to play for seniors; great story!!!!..


  5. Michael Zellner says:

    Truly a highlight in his long distinguished career.
    True Sportsman both of you.


  6. Teresa Vermeulen says:

    Hope you see this Leland! We will miss seeing you this year in Sebring! Stay safe,
    Hopefully we will be there next fall?
    Take care,
    Moe & Teresa


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