CNSA President Jim Corbeil Speaks:

Hi Guys,We are playing shuffleboard in Ingersoll, ON.

President Corbeil

We are using only 4 rollout courts as we leave more than six feet between the courts. We have players sign up and only 16 players are allowed in at one time. Each player goes through a questionnaire by a senior centre employee. We all wear masks and we do social distancing. No food or drinks other than bottled water. If a player can not make it that particular day we do not substitute another player in their place. We have hand sanitizer at the entrance and one person is allowed in the washroom at a time. Hand sanitizers there as well. One player draws the chips and tells the players what court to go to. Stay Safe and Healthy.

Best Regards. Jim Corbeil President CNSA If you have a question, contact Jim at:

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2 Responses to CNSA President Jim Corbeil Speaks:

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    Thanks Jim and Marlene for keeping shuffleboard alive in Canada. Glen.


  2. John Houghtaling says:

    So glad that you are able to play in spite of the circumstances!!..


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